International Shipping Available For Some LEGO Items

Amazon continues to play with our emotions by randomly enabling and disabling international shipping of LEGO products.

As of today (5th November 2014) we have found that there are quite a few sets that can be shipped to Australia.

We aren’t able to provide a full list as it is still quite hit and miss, but we suggest checking it out for yourself if there is a set that you are interested in.

We have also re-enabled our Amazon offers for the time being. In the hunt for sets that were available for international shipping we came across 76020 Knowhere Escape Mission which can currently be shipped to Australia for just $55.84. That’s a very decent 30% off the Australian price of $79.99.

We will keep our eyes open for great deals, and if you spot anything let us know in the comments.

Prices based on Amazon currency conversion option as on 5/11/2014 and shipping to our Brisbane address.

2 thoughts on “International Shipping Available For Some LEGO Items

  1. Edwin Reply

    Gah! Still waiting for the Exo-suit to ship from Amazon or be available here at Toys ‘R’ Us!

  2. Jules Reply

    Looks like quite a lot is available again which is great. Some good deals I have found, all are well cheaper than the going rate on Ebay:
    71006 Simpsons House
    79007 LOTR Black Gate
    70809 Lord Business Evil lair
    21103 Delorean Time Machine
    6860 Batcave (at retail, but a lot cheaper than Ebay!)

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