German Retail Calendar For 2015 Leaks Online

LEGO has unintentionally released a heap of official information for 2015 sets by making a German version of the 1st Half 2015 retail catalogue available online.

The catalogue includes release dates for a heap of new sets, as well as official images of some previously unseen sets such as the Avengers: Age of Ultron range.

Avengers Ultron 2015

You can check out the catalogue here

It’s certainly worth checking out the whole thing.

We have gone through all 116 pages of the catalogue and listed the releases below. Note that these release dates may not be accurate for Australia.


  • New Duplo sets including a Duplo Airport and Ambulance
  • There are also some ‘pink’ Duplo sets; a baby in a stoller and an ice-cream truck
  • More Duplo Disney Princess
  • The new CLASSIC range launches in January too; lots of basic brick sets and baseplates
  • New small Creator sets; Go-Kart, Sea Plane, Auto Transporter, Rainforest Animals, Future Flyer
  • There is also a new Creator House; Beach House
  • Toy and Grocery Shop is also released; similar in size to the Bike Shop set from 2014
  • Series 13 Minigures
  • New Disney Princess sets; Including the Frozen set Elsa’s Ice Palace
  • A heap of new Friends sets; more Heartlake sets rather than the Jungle theme
  • A few small City sets from various sub-themes
  • The full range of Swamp Police sets launch
  • New LEGO Movie sets
  • More Chima “Fire and Ice” sets
  • More Star Wars Microfighters
  • There are also more prequel trilogy Star Wars sets
  • Star Wars Rebels sets are also released in January
  • Heaps of new Technic


  • Heaps of new Juniors sets;¬†Pirates’ Treasure Hunt, Refuse Truck, Beach Excursion
  • There are also two new Juniors suitcase sets
  • Series 4 of the Mixels; Space style Orbitons, Glow in the dark Glowkies and a new batch of fiery Infernites
  • The City Construction sets are all released
  • A range of City vehicle sets are also released in February
  • The return of Bionicle
  • A second wave of Ultra Agents sets


  • New Duplo sets that appear to be based on a nature reserve type theme
  • The new Elves theme launches
  • A new range of Ninjago sets


  • Non-licensed Pirates make their return to stores
  • The new Speed Champions theme is also released in April
  • April also features the Age of Ultron sets; there are two different sets with Hulk, and a great looking Avengers Tower set
  • Not to be left out, the new DC comics sets also launch in April


  • A City Starter set
  • A second wave of 2015 Chima sets

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      Would you be able to share the price of the Lego Legends of Chima Tiger’s Mobile Command Centre?

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