Updated Release Schedule For First Half Of 2015

Now that we have the official Australian version of the retail catalogue, we can update the release schedule for the first half of 2015. There are some differences between our version and the German version we saw; there is less released in January, and more in February.

We do get the Age of Ultron and DC sets a month ahead of the Germans though.

If you missed it, don’t forget to check out the catalogue app


  • The new LEGO City Swamp Police sets
  • All of the LEGO City Construction sets
  • Various other LEGO City vehicles
  • LEGO City Starter sets
  • Series 13 Minifigures
  • More Chime “Fire & Ice” sets


  • New Duplo, but no mention of the awesome nature reserve sets.
  • More Duplo Disney Princess
  • Heaps of new Juniors sets; Pirates’ Treasure Hunt, Refuse Truck, Beach Excursion
  • There are also two new Juniors suitcase sets
  • The new CLASSIC range; lots of basic brick sets and baseplates
  • New Creator sets; Go-Kart, Sea Plane, Auto Transporter, Cargo Heli, Blue Racer and Vehicle Transporter
  • There is also a new Creator House; 31035 Beach House
  • Toy and Grocery Shop is also released; similar in size to the Bike Shop set from 2014
  • A heap of new Friends sets; more Heartlake sets rather than the Jungle theme
  • New LEGO Movie sets
  • The return of Bionicle
  • More Star Wars Microfighters
  • There are also more prequel trilogy Star Wars sets
  • Star Wars Rebels sets


  • Series 4 of the Mixels; Space style Orbitons, Glow in the dark Glowkies and a new batch of fiery Infernites
  • New Disney Princess sets; Including the Frozen set Elsa’s Ice Palace
  • The new Elves theme launches
  • The new Speed Champions theme
  • Age of Ultron sets; there are two different sets with Hulk, and a great looking Avengers Tower set
  • Not to be left out, the new DC comics sets also launch
  • New Ninjago sets


  • Non-licensed Pirates make their return to stores
  • The second wave of the Ultra Agents theme
  • Technic Pull-Back vehicles
  • Heaps of other Technic


  • A second batch of Chima sets for 2015

9 thoughts on “Updated Release Schedule For First Half Of 2015

  1. Niki Reply

    Thanks for posting all this info. My catalogue arrived in the mail on Friday, so I’ve poured over it a few times so far this weekend, but it’s handy to have the schedule laid out chronologically here, rather by theme in the catalogue. 🙂

    Whilst similar in style, with only 466 pieces, the Creator Toy and Grocery Shop (31036) appears to be quite a lot smaller than this year’s 1023 piece Bike Shop & Cafe (31026), so I’d say it’s more in line with the size of 2012’s Seaside House (7346), or 2011’s Lighthouse Island (5770). Due to the low piece-count, I actually think the smaller alternate builds of what appears to be a post office and a newsstand look better than the main toy and grocery shop build.

    Also, the new ‘Beach House’ (31035) is actually called Beach *Hut*, and appears to be similar in size to 2013’s Small Cottage (31009).

    Either way, both new sets are on my ‘definite to get’ list!

    I’ve never bought a Juniors set before, but I can see I’m going to have trouble resisting the new pink suitcase Supermarket (10684) and the Beach Excursion (10677). They’re a lot like Friends themes/colours, but with the added bonus of minifigures, including cool new (to me) torso designs, instead of minidolls. 🙂

  2. Brad Reply

    Not sure if you have already posted about this, but it looks like some of the 2015 sets are already available on the Aussie Lego Shop website, including Creator, City, Lego Movie and Technic. I don’t really follow most of the other themes, so there might be new ones up for them as well.

    • Brad Reply

      BTW, it looks like these ones that are available are preorder, they won’t be delivered until 2nd January.

  3. Harrison Reply

    LEGO only reopened on the 5th of January, so it may be a while until they begin to appear in stores!!:)

    • Harrison Reply

      Sorry, I spoke to soon :). I’m Rick James Bricks in Pakenham, Victoria now has them in stock!!:)

      • Daniel Reply

        No worries! Just got notified on Facebook that Toy Corner here in Adelaide just got theirs in too 😀

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