2015 City Sets In Stock And Reduced At Shopforme

A selection of new 2015 City sets are now available at Australian LEGO retailer Shopforme, and they are all 20% off.

We suspect this is a limited offer, so if you want to get some of the latest City sets at a good price you may want to get in quickly.

Via Shopforme.com.au

7 thoughts on “2015 City Sets In Stock And Reduced At Shopforme

  1. CA Reply

    Any heads up if anyone selling new minecraft lego or when it’s expected to be avaliable?

    • BradC Reply

      All of the online Lego specialty stores based in Australia were selling them in December, but they all pretty much sold out within a week or so. I don’t think any retail stores have stocked them yet. I know Outer Rim will be getting some more in this year, but not sure when.

    • BradC Reply

      Actually, I just double-checked the websites, and it looks like Bricks to the World has them back in stock

  2. Matt Reply

    Toyworld stores in VIC also had minecraft sets on shelves early Dec, I don’t fancy the chances of finding any now though, the one I was in yesterday was a Lego ghost town. You may get lucky however and they have the new mini figures in store now to soften the blow. Also to my fellow Victorians, the great Brickvention is next weekend and there is always a chance of finding new or hard to find sets for sale there 🙂

  3. Danwinjones Reply

    Bricks n fun at capalaba in Brisbane is fully stocked with all the new mine craft sets, as well as the new series of minifigures

  4. CA Reply

    Thanks so much BradC!! I was obviously googling in the wrong places and wasn’t having any success. I now have two sets on the way and my boys are stoked!

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