Possible Leaked Details Of 71016 Kwik-E-Mart

We just spotted this image on Facebook, and asked if we could share this with our readers.

Update: We have changed the title of this article to more accurately reflect the details of the leak. See this post for further clarification.

Kwik E Mart

This is a preliminary image, which can be different from the final production model. UPDATE: The image appears to come from a LEGO Ideas submission, and is likely just a placeholder.

As for the price – this does seem quite high based on the picture we can see here, however this could be the New Zealand price. As an example 75060 Slave I is $349.99 in New Zealand and only $299.99 in Australia.
UPDATE: According to a Toys R Us employee, this set is listed in their system at $329.99.

As more information becomes available about this set we will be sure to post it.

Thanks to Mark H for allowing us to share this image.

3 thoughts on “Possible Leaked Details Of 71016 Kwik-E-Mart

  1. James Reply

    Lol this is so fake. No hyphen on Kwik-E-Mart as well. How did you fall for this?

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