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The London Toy Fair has wrapped up for 2015, and LEGO were in attendance to show off some of their up-coming products.

Unfortunately being an Australian LEGO site we didn’t get an invite. Rather than just re-post articles from the UK bloggers we have gone through a few different sources to collate basic information. For more detailed information (such as appearance of the sets) we suggest you check out the links at the end of the article.

On to the news;

Scooby Doo
Yes, Scooby Doo is confirmed. The sets should be released later this year. There were 5 different sets on display including the Mystery Machine and a large Mystery Mansion. The sets contain regular minifigures inspired by the traditional character designs. There will also be two different versions of Scooby. Reports indicate that there will not be a single set with all of the characters, which is unfortunate but not unexpected.

There will be two new City sub-themes for the second half of 2015.

First up is Deep Sea Explorers. After heading to the Arctic in 2014 we are pleased to hear that LEGO City is going to keep up the exploration. Sets include a mix of Submarines, Boats and Helicopters.

The second sub-theme is Space. LEGO City Space sets are always great, and the new wave includes a Spaceport and Space Starter Set.

Unfortunately the sets that were on display at the toy fair will be the last from this theme. We don’t think this theme has caught on as well as Ninjago, but we know that it was reasonably popular with kids.

Later this year the Friends characters are going to rock out with new addition Livi. Some of the new sets include a Limo and Tour Bus and Dressing Room. These certainly sound like they could contain some interesting parts.

Jurassic World
From what we have read the Dinosaurs will be very similar to the ones used in the most recent Dino theme. The sets include a range of dinosaurs such as T-Rex, Raptors and the “Ultra Dino” which appears to be the main monster of the film.

Star Wars
Unfortunately no news about Episode VII sets; our guess is that Disney is being very strict about not giving away any plot details. Sets on display included scenes and vehicles from the original trilogy and prequel trilogy. The most interesting sounding was 75093 Death Star Final Duel.

The second wave of Minecraft will include a Desert Outpost, Dungeon, Nether Fortress and Snow Hideout.

The new concept with Ninjago for 2015 is Airjitsu, which is described as spinners that fly. A product that sends ninja minifigures flying through the air sounds like it will be a hit with the target demographic.

There were sets based on the two big Marvel films of 2015; Age of Ultron and Ant Man. There are also non-movie related sets including a Spiderman set featuring Miles Morales version of the character and Carnage.

DC Comics
With Batman VS Superman not released until 2016 DC fans don’t have any movie related sets, but the ones announced do sound great. 76035 Jokerland has a fantastic line-up from the rouges gallery; Harley Quinn, Joker, Poison Ivy and Penguin. There is also Batman and Robin.

Ultra Agents
We originally thought this theme could be a once-off but it appears to be sticking around. The new sets include a new Ocean HQ for the team.

For more coverage please check out the following sites that we used to collate this information



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