Second Series Of Simpsons Minifigures Confirmed

Slightly hidden amongst the Kwik-E-Mart news was some extra LEGO Simpsons news that some people may find just as exciting… Series 2 of The Simpsons Collectible Minifigures.

The Simpsons Minifigures Series 2 Cropped

Some much loved characters are finally going to appear in LEGO form. Some people may not feel it was necessary to have another version of the Simpsons family, but it’s hard to not love LEGO Hans Moleman and LEGO Groundskeeper Willy.

Let us know in the comments who’s your favourite in this series.

2 thoughts on “Second Series Of Simpsons Minifigures Confirmed

  1. HandyCap Reply

    To me, standouts are Comic Book Guy and Groundskeeper Willie, but I pretty well like them all, except for the Homer, Marge, Maggie (isn’t she basically the same as previous ones) and Lisa… Can understand why, but atm only way to get Snake is to buy the Kwik-E-Mart… Hmmm.

    • MrBadger Reply

      Maggie looks the same but now you get Santa’s little helper with her. Willie and Frink!

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