Various Sets Reduced In Big W’s Drop Zone

This post is probably going to read as a little light on details, but the goal is the same as always – to share information about LEGO discounts.

We have learned via various Facebook pages that Big W has placed a selection of (mostly large) LEGO sets in their “drop zone”. This is basically a clearance sale, with stock availability varying wildly across stores.

There is also no online listing of the sets that are included, but we do know of a few;

  • 70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!! – $90.
  • 70810 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow – $220.
  • 60052 Cargo Train – $150.
  • 42025 Technic Cargo Plane – $100.

It may be worth checking out your local Big W store.

If you spot any other Drop Zone discounts, let us know in the comments

25 thoughts on “Various Sets Reduced In Big W’s Drop Zone

  1. Josh Hills Reply

    Picked up Ultra Agents HQ for $80 and Battle for Ninjago City for $90 this morning. Had maybe two others of each left over, Mt Ommaney, Brisbane

  2. Tom Reply

    Big W Runaway Bay:

    Eisley Cantina $70
    Star Destroyer $100
    Jedi Scout Fighter $60
    The Ghost $70
    Cargo Train sold out, may have been more out the back.
    Many City sets big and small on sale.
    Lots of Ninjago
    Some Ninja Turtles and Super Heroes

  3. Sals Reply

    The lego AT-AP walker $45
    The Kasheek and Uatpau battle packs $12

    Does anybody know how much the lego starwars AT RT and selcemai pack cost

  4. stephen ramm Reply

    We picked up one of the Cargo Train sets from Big W Noarlunga, SA. Had no idea about the Drop Zone concept / practice. The ‘heads-up’ is much appreciated – the 8year old will be thrilled when his birthday comes around. Thankyou, Bricking Around, and thankyou to the people connected to these Facebook feeds and the like who share these insights and opportunities. Much appreciated.

  5. James Reply

    Big W in Merrylands had a few sets
    Star Destroyer for $100
    Emmets Construct-o-Mech for $50
    A bunch of Ninjago

  6. nathan Reply

    ninjago mecha dragon $60, tmnt sets all in drop zone. Had to ask out for them to look out the back for the sea cow, luckily they had 3, $220 instead of $368, that’ll go under the chrissy tree (for me )

    • Michael Post authorReply

      That’s a shame; Redbank and Springfield are two stores closest to me.

  7. Don Reply

    I know it’s a long shot but has anyone seen a 75059 Sandcrawler anywhere? I phoned a fair few stores this morning (Brisbane and it’s surrounds) but have had no luck.

    • Daniel Reply

      I found 2 stores in NSW that each had one Sandcrawler in stock last week, still at $498 though, no discount.

  8. BradC Reply

    Got Spider-Helicopter Rescue for $45 at Big W Stafford City. I also saw the Ultra-Agents HQ there, for $80. Apart from that, their shelves were kind of bare of the old sets, they mostly have 2015 sets in stock.

  9. Michael Post authorReply

    Anybody looking for a Sea Cow, I spoke to quite a few Brisbane stores tonight and have been told there are none at Redbank, Springfield, Booval, Mt Ommaney, Calamvale, Browns Plains or Upper Mt Gravatt. I got the last one from Underwood tonight.

  10. tomas13aTom Reply

    I’ve been to a few Big W’s in the last 2 days and have noticed they are starting to set up a “Drop Zone”. So if you can’t find a set in the Lego section maybe try their Drop Zone.

  11. scott Reply

    Hi all
    There are two sea cows left at Belmont WA

    There are also four star destroyers for $100 each at joondalup..

    Both stores had the agent HQ and ghost on special too

  12. Sirius Reply

    Anyone know where got the sea cows and star destroyers in Melbourne?

    • Nakmint Reply

      Haven’t seen any.. No big sets left anywhere. Been to South Yarra, box hill, qv, Waverley gardens and called a few of the Western suburbs… Doesn’t seem like there were any to begin with…

  13. scates Reply

    Are all these sets with all the other lego in the usual spot or in a special section of the store?

    • Michael Post authorReply

      They may be in a special Drop Zone area in-store. Probably a good idea to check both areas.

  14. Angela Reply

    No sea cow or cargo train anywhere in ACT. If anyone does know of a cargo-train stocking store I’d really appreciate a heads up! Big W Gunghalin has a lot of Ninjago and the Arctic Ice Crawler for $35.

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