On Sale: 20% Off LEGO At Myer

I have a feeling that LEGO fans love school holidays just as much as teachers; without fail we always seem to get at least one school holiday sale.

From today (April 1st 2015) until Sunday 26th April Myer are offering 20% off all LEGO.

You can check out the catalogue here.

There has been a Myer One offer sent out, but unfortunately the extra 10% excludes LEGO.

Thanks to everybody who sent this through

10 thoughts on “On Sale: 20% Off LEGO At Myer

  1. Gab Reply

    when will the new modular (detectives office)hit stores? when will it be available in myer?

    • Michael Post authorReply

      We have heard that it is in stores now, but selling quickly. Might be a good idea to call around.

  2. Mahzian Reply

    Myer Brisbane also has the (seemingly exclusive?) 76040 Brainiac Attack set that includes Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Brainiac and Superman minifigs for $32

      • Mahzian Reply

        Had a look around the city store today and saw no sign of modulars sorry, if they had them they have already been snagged.

  3. Gab Reply

    HI everyone, I went to High point Melbourne and couldn’t find any modulars anywhere, and most of the people there don’t know when they will get more, but my guess is close to the mid year toy sale. Went to Myer,David jones,Toyworld etc. Did manage to find some series 9 minifigures on clearence for 2 dollars. Bargain 😉 has anyone had any luck anywhere?

    • Nakmint Reply

      Unfortunately people started buying out a lot of these in bulk pre sales and then buying them at 20% off (e.g saw someone walk put with about 10 modulars at the emporium which they had put on hold). Bet well see these on ebay/Gumtree at some stage

  4. Mark Reply

    Re the Myer One card holders extra 10% off voucher I managed to get the extra discount in store on two separate occasions. My advice is to take the voucher in on your smartphone. The sales assistants couldn’t scan it but entered the discount manually anyway.

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