On Sale: 3rd Toy Free At Myer

The LEGO sale drought certainly seems to be over. How can we tell? There is a sale happening within a sale.

From yesterday (8th April 2015) until Sunday 12th April Myer are offering your 3rd Toy Free.

Of course, that works out the be an impressive 33% off (if you buy three identically priced items).

This sale does not stack with the 20% off, but if you are buying multiple items the Myer registers should automatically calculate the best deal.

Via Myer

Thanks to Edward for sending the info through.

7 thoughts on “On Sale: 3rd Toy Free At Myer

  1. Tom Reply

    It’s a shame most Myer stores have been cleaned out of any “hard to find” sets by so called Lego Investors, I call them greedy so and so’s.

  2. whoelsebutglen Reply

    Tom, I agree I’ve started just buying from Lego Shop AU for the hard to finds (if SHOPFORME.com.au does not have it) as it arrives at my door and saves me the ‘stress’ of hunting for sets. That all been said sometimes you get lucky. I remember earlier this year randomly Myer restocked the Town Hall and Grand Emporium modulars and I got them for 30% off however I did go the next day and they were all gone and it wouldn’t surprise me if just one person bought the entire table worth.

    TLDR: Buy from LEGO directly to avoid the stress and with double VIP points you save 10% which is better than nothing.

  3. Branko Reply

    You can get the hard to finds at 20% off at the big stores. It takes a bit of patience but later in the year it becomes possible. Agreed though that 30% off on the larger sets is a pipe dream for most of us. Still, stocking up on the smaller sets isn’t bad 🙂

  4. BradC Reply

    If you are looking to get any of the sets that have an introductory price, like the Speed Champion sets or Marvel Super Heroes ones, with this sale, it will use the normal RRP price rather than the introductory price. 33% is still a better offer though, if you can find 3 at the same price.

  5. Gab Reply

    Went to myer yesterday and managed to find the detectives office, last one left!!! has anyone found any modulars?

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