On Sale: 20% Off Selected Toys At Myer Super Saturday Sale

We spotted a Super Saturday sale on the Myer website, and despite a lack of detail we managed to discover that this sale includes 20% off selected toys. Hopefully we will get an email from Myer with more details soon, but in the meantime here is what we do know; the selected toys include a range of LEGO products on the website. We don’t know about in-store availability though.

According to the exclusions document, this sale runs from now (Friday May 22nd 2015) until midnight on Saturday May 23rd.

You can view a listing of the sets available online here.

We will update this article once we know more.

Update: We have received the flyer for this sale, and it is 20% off all toys. Good luck tomorrow everybody.

15 thoughts on “On Sale: 20% Off Selected Toys At Myer Super Saturday Sale

  1. Mark Reply

    Just to let your readers know I’m at my local Myer now and they have Slave 1, detectives office and palace cinema all in stock and 20% off! Get in quick as resellers will empty the shelves no doubt.

  2. bennie Reply

    I have not seen a Slave 1 at all in any of the Melbourne Myer stores. Where abouts are you Mark?

  3. bmdarwinsteve Reply

    Lots of DO and Slaves being held back until their June sale.. frustrating that they have the stock on hand but won’t sell it to me..

  4. Mark Reply

    Myer Eastland Bennie. They had two on display and probably more stock out back @ 9.30 this morning.

  5. Josh Reply

    Was able to pick up a Detective Office (Mine) and a Duplo Big Train for the kids for christmas. Quick question, what are resellers?

  6. Mark Reply

    Resellers are unscrupulous people who cash in on the popularity of Lego by buying up all the stock of “in demand” sets and then resell them at inflated prices on EBay, Gumtree, etc. Some will flip them straight away for small-moderate gains and others will “invest” by holding onto them until the set is officially retired.

    • Josh Reply

      Thanks Mark, so I’m taking its a supply/demand equation? I bought a Haunted House on eBay because I missed out on that one 🙁

      Looks like I came back to late for some of the sets.

      • Mark Reply

        Yep, the Haunted House is a perfect example. I wish I got the Haunted House when it was available in retail : ( A year or so ago you could get it delivered from Amazon for ~$200. How times have changed…Amazon no longer ships large Lego sets to Australia, the $AUD has dived anyway and since it has retired the price is skyrocketing fast! Enjoy it, its an awesome set, and so is the Detective’s Office : )

  7. bennie Reply

    Wow Mark, I can’t believe there is one at Myer Eastland, I have been there a few times. Looks like I will be out of luck. I live nearby but I have to be at work today so don’t think I will be able to pick one up. I guess my advise is always ask staff if they have any stock at the back.

    • Marty Reply

      I’ve seen slaves on sale at Myer Melbourne City.. The staff were stating it was only 1 per Customer

  8. Malcolm Reply

    There are alot of sets in stock but being held for the sales. I have heard that myer is no longer allowing people to buy multiples from sales or holds when the sales are on. It’s to stop the reseller issues, a reseller bought two cages worth from Brisbane city store and got extra discount from employee on shift and cleaned out all the lego on sale. Hopefully this true so we don’t all miss out.

  9. Mark Reply

    A pet peeve of mine is Myer’s (and other large retailers) use of those stupid security devices on the large sets. I get that they are a target for shoplifters but there has to be a better solution. They cut the crap out of the boxes and I’m a little obsessive about keeping the boxes as pristine as possible, they look so pretty : )

    • Malcolm Reply

      I’m with you on that or they may have sticky tape something on the box and it tips when taken off

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