On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced To Clear At Big W

This one is just a few sets, but the prices certainly make this worthy of a post.

This sale runs from tomorrow (Thursday June 4th 2015) until Wednesday June 17th 2015.

Here are the sets on sale:

Set #Set NamePriceFull RRPFull RRP DiscountDiscount %
75048The Phantom$17.50$39.99$22.4956%
75037Battle on Saleucami$14$29.99$15.9953%
70164Hurricane Heist$34$89.99$55.9962%

You can check out the catalogue here.

4 thoughts on “On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced To Clear At Big W

  1. jhillsy Reply

    Stores had this set up from 4pm today! I can suggest Stafford, Brisbane as having some stock of all 3 of these.

  2. Mark Reply

    I tried to get these this morning at Big W Eastland @ 8.45 AM but apparently one person bought all the stock (all 22 of them) when they opened at 8.30 AM. They really need to place reasonable limits on catalogue sale items to make it fair to kids (and adults) who actually want them rather than to profit by re-selling or parting it out. I’m sure the person who bought the stock at my local Big W had “business partners” doing the same thing at other stores when they opened : (

  3. Ausviper Reply

    Yeh my local was cleared out of these by the time I got there at 9:05am :sadface:

  4. Art Reply

    In case anyone is still after these, I find these sets back in stock in Big W. Only there’s no Phantom.

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