Release Schedule For Second Half Of 2015

With all of the sales taking place at the moment we almost forgot to post this exciting news – The LEGO retail catalogue for the second half of 2015 is now available online and via the LEGO Catalogue app.

The catalogue features the release details for all of the sets that will be broadly available at retail stores. As usual it does not include sets exclusive to a single retailer or LEGO online exclusives. There is still plenty to check out though.

Below is a table of all the new sets in the catalogue. It is sortable by month, theme or set number. You can also search for a particular set. Hopefully this will make it easy to find out when the sets you want will be released.

MonthThemeSet Details
JuneDuplo10582 Forest: Animals
JuneDuplo10591 Fire Boat
JuneDuplo10592 Fire Truck
JuneDuplo10593 Fire Station
JuneDuplo10597 Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade
JuneDuplo10601 Duplo Truck
JuneDuplo10602 Camping Adventure
JuneDuplo10603 My First Bus
JuneDuplo10604 Treasure Island
JuneDuplo10605 Rosie The Ambulance
JuneDuplo10606 Backyard Clinic
AugustDuplo10599 Batman Adventure
OctoberDuploSpider-Man [Various]
JuneJuniors10683 Road Work Truck
JuneJuniors10686 Family House
JuneJuniors10687 Spider-Man Hideout
JuneCreator31037 Adventure Vehicles
JuneCreator31038 Changing Seasons
JuneCreator31039 Blue Power Jet
JuneMixelsSeries 5
OctoberMixelsSeries 6
AugustFriends41098 Emma's Tourist Kiosk
AugustFriends41099 Heartlake Skate Park
AugustFriends41100 Heartlake Private Jet
AugustFriends41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel
AugustFriends41103 Pop Star Recording Studio
AugustFriends41104 Pop Star Dressing Room
AugustFriends41105 Pop Star Show Stage
AugustFriends41106 Pop Star Tour Bus
AugustElves41077 Aira's Pegasus Sleigh
AugustElves41078 Skyra's Mysterious Sky Castle
AugustCity60077 Space Starter Set
AugustCity60078 Utility Shuttle
AugustCity60079 Training Jet Transporter
AugustCity60080 Spaceport
AugustCity60090 Deep Sea Scuba Scooter
AugustCity60091 Deep Sea Starter Set
AugustCity60092 Deep Sea Submarine
AugustCity60093 Deep Sea Helicopter
AugustCity60095 Deep Sea Exploration Vessel
AugustCity60097 City Square
JuneMarvel76036 Carnage's SHIELD Sky Attack
JuneMarvel76037 Rhino and Sandman Team-up
JuneMarvel76039 Ant-Man Final Battle
JuneDC76034 The Batboat Harbour Pursuit
JuneDC76035 Jokerland
SeptemberScooby-Doo75900 Mummy Museum Mystery
SeptemberScooby-Doo75901 Mystery Plane Adventures
SeptemberScooby-Doo75902 The Mystery Machine
SeptemberScooby-Doo75903 Haunted Lighthouse
SeptemberScooby-Doo75904 Mystery Mansion
AugustBionicle70791 Skull Warrior
AugustBionicle70792 Skull Slicer
AugustBionicle70793 Skull Basher
AugustBionicle70794 Skull Scorpio
AugustNinjago70733 Blaster Bike
AugustNinjago70734 Master Wu Dragon
AugustNinjago70735 Ronin R.E.X.
AugustNinjago70736 Attack of the Morro Dragon
AugustNinjago70737 Titan Mech Battle
AugustNinjago70738 Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty
AugustNinjago70739 Airjitzu Kai
AugustNinjago70740 Airjitzu Jay
AugustNinjago70741 Airjitzu Cole
AugustNinjago70742 Airjitzu Zane
AugustNinjago70743 Airjitzu Morro
AugustNinjago70744 Airjitzu Wrayth
AugustMinecraft21119 The Dungeon
AugustMinecraft21120 The Snow Hideout
AugustMinecraft21121 The Desert Outpost
AugustMinecraft21122 The Nether Fortress
AugustStar Wars75091 Flash Speeder
AugustStar Wars75092 Naboo Starfighter
AugustStar Wars75093 Death Star Final Duel
AugustStar Wars75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
SeptemberStar Wars[Force Awakens Sets]
SeptemberStar Wars75107 Jango Fett
SeptemberStar Wars75108 Clone Commander Cody
SeptemberStar Wars75109 Obi-Wan Kenobi
SeptemberStar Wars75110 Luke Skywalker
SeptemberStar Wars75111 Darth Vader
SeptemberStar Wars75112 General Grevious
SeptemberStar Wars75095 Star Wars Advent Calendar
SeptemberTechnic42040 Fire Plane
SeptemberTechnic42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245
SeptemberTechnic42042 Crawler Crane

You can download the app for Android and iOS via the app store for each platform, or view a PDF copy of the catalogue here

LEGO Catalogue Download

7 thoughts on “Release Schedule For Second Half Of 2015

  1. BradC Reply

    It was mentioned elsewhere that the 3 new Ultra Agents sets are missing from that catalogue. They aren’t currently available from the AU Lego Shop website either (while they are available from the US one). Do you think it is likely that they won’t be available in Australia at all? or will they be released later in the year?

  2. Nigel Hill Reply

    Could the missing agents sets be exclusives for one or more retailers? It appears that other exclusives are left out of the catalog.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      That could be the case, or it’s possible Australia isn’t getting them.

  3. Dan Reply

    Australia’s not getting them. That’s the official word from Lego when I contacted them directly about the missing Agents sets. Apparently, it’s only being released in the U.S. (possibly Canada as well). The Lego rep. suggested I have someone in the U.S. ship it over to me.

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