LEGO Confirms No New Ultra Agents Sets For Australia

If you missed it, the Australian release schedule for the second half of 2015 has been unveiled via the retailer catalogue. While the catalogue featured a heap of sets that LEGO fans had been anticipating there was a few sets that seemed to be missing.

There are three Ultra Agents sets that so far have not been released in Australia, and we now know that they never will be.

Missing Ultra Agents

After spotting a comment from Dan on the release schedule post about this issue, we decided to get in touch with LEGO Australia to confirm the news. This is the response we received;

due to a strategic decision currently no new LEGO Ultra Agents sets are planned to be released in the European market (which includes AU). This concerns the sets you have queried below.

The sets in question were

  • 70171 Ultrasonic Showdown
  • 70172 AntiMatter’s Portal Hideout
  • 70173 Ultra Agents Ocean HQ

While the Ultra Agents theme hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm, it’s still disappointing to learn that these sets will not be available for Australian LEGO fans. We’ll be looking around for an online retailer that will ship these sets to Australia.

7 thoughts on “LEGO Confirms No New Ultra Agents Sets For Australia

  1. Shea Reply

    That’s really unfortunate. I was looking forward to maybe getting these sets, especially the Portal Hideout.

  2. Mark Reply

    Whether Ultra Agents is your thing or not I think its a real shame. The pace with which Lego are releasing new sets to satiate demand is huge, you only have to see the rapidly expanding shelf space retailers are dedicating to Lego! Licensed sets such as Avengers, Jurassic World and Star Wars account for a large proportion of new sets. With big budget movie tie-in’s and associated marketing I think the days of unique themes such as Ultra Agents are numbered. Personally I think the Ocean HQ is awesome for its target demographic…great building techniques, some cool pieces and minifigs, so much playability and good value (at least in the US!).

  3. adumb Reply

    Yep, this theme was pretty awesome for kids. Lots of playability. Always going to find it tough to sell when sitting next to established franchises like Star Wars. The average buyer is too unadventurous to try something different (as can be seen by some of the above comments).

    Check out Lego reviewer JANGBricks on YouTube, he admits he has no real interest in the theme as such, but goes on to say that it is one of Legos best lines they have come out with in recent years.

  4. Pan Ethan Scott Tsun In Reply

    Themes like these just don’t come out well with Star Wars and others.What a humongous pity.Still,I’m an Ultra Agents fan.

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