Is There A LEGOLAND Disovery Centre Headed To Sydney?

A news article appeared over the weekend that got a lot of people curious about what could be coming to Sydney. While the gist of the article was about high-end fashion retailers opening stores in Martin Place, there was a single word that caused all the buzz…

Luxury food and beverage and lifestyle like EATALY, Dean & Deluca, LEGOLAND and department stores like Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, among others are also coming.

Emphasis added.

It seems unlikely that an actual LEGOLAND theme park is going to open in a retail precinct in Sydney, but what is possible is a LEGOLAND Discovery Centre.

There have been rumours and reports about a LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Melbourne, but this is the first time we are hearing about one in Sydney. It might be time to start doing some digging around.


Thanks to Peter for sending us the article

7 thoughts on “Is There A LEGOLAND Disovery Centre Headed To Sydney?

  1. aoi Reply

    Does no one else read it differently? Combined with the paragraph before the quoted one, it reads to me like “international retailers have looked at entering Oz at Martin Pl AND other venues, Legoland being one of those retailers.”

    • Michael Post authorReply

      That’s certainly one way of reading it. To be honest I found the wording at the end of that article to be a little confusing.

  2. Jay Reply

    There’s nothing official about Sydney. Only the Melbourne one has been confirmed at this stage. Aoi is right, it’s referring to big retailers making their entrance into Australia.

  3. Allister Reply

    Anyone know where the Melb discovery centre is meant to be?

    Looking at reviews overseas though doesn’t look that promising…

    Also any news on rumours of a Lego Store at Chadstone end of this year? Seems we’d of heard more… Or is the Discovery Centre what is going at Chadstone?

    • Michael Post authorReply

      I believe it was the Discovery Centre headed to Chadstone.

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