Official Price Details For 21302 The Big Bang Theory

While it’s not showing up on the LEGO Ideas product listing, if you do some digging around you can find the official Australian RRP of the 21302 Big Bang Theory set.

21302 The Big Bang Theory will cost Australian LEGO fans $89.99 when it becomes available on August 1st 2015.

Big Bang Theory 21302 Australian RRP

What was already a polarising set is likely to become even more so with the unveiling of the Australian RRP. At $89.99 some people may be immediately turned off.

When looking at the price it’s worth noting that minifigure heavy sets usually do have a higher price. With the full cast of main characters accounted for, this set was never going to be cheap.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the price.


Thanks to Cindy for sending this through.

1 thought on “Official Price Details For 21302 The Big Bang Theory

  1. Mark Reply

    It’s $60 USD so I’m not surprised at the price. Factor in our weak dollar and US sales tax and it works out about the same. Our median income is also higher so you could argue its actually more affordable here but that’s a whole other debate! Where we do get stung is on shipping costs from Lego, assuming the order is less than $200. I would wait until its available in retail (and on sale) or combine it with other sets to get over the free shipping threshold if you are a die hard fan and cannot wait that long.

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