Target 2015 Toy Sale Starts Online At Midnight

We just spotted this on the Target website and wanted to share it with everybody who may be wondering when the toy sale kicks off online.

The Target 2015 Toy Sale will start at midnight tonight. As soon as the clock ticks over to Friday 17th July the discounts should be in place. While it doesn’t specifically say so, this is most likely based on Eastern Standard Time.

Target Toy Sale Online Midnight


11 thoughts on “Target 2015 Toy Sale Starts Online At Midnight

  1. Glen Reply

    Yeah I got there in the end thanks Brad, just frustates me when they have links like “SHOP NOW” and “ENTER SALE” and it leads to incorrect pages.

    Finally got my UCS Tie Fighter added to my collection, now we await the UCS Hoth Base!

  2. Monty Reply

    I too am the proud owner of a UCS Tie Fighter ! (I have been looking forward to this set). The tumbler might have to wait until VIP double points 🙂

  3. Jaime Reply

    No Tie Fighters in Gladstone, as expected. And none available online.

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