Ant-Man Final Battle Not Being Released At Retail

Ant-Man is referred to as Marvel’s smallest superhero – and it appears the LEGO version is going to have the smallest possible release.

76039 Ant-Man Final Battle will not be made available to Australian retailers.

76039 No Retail Release

The set was listed in the retail catalogue as being released in June, but it never showed up. Initially there were reports that the set was delayed while some changes were made to make the set stronger. It would appear that those delays have changed into a very limited release.

We contacted LEGO about the set, and their response was

Item 76039: Ant-Man Final Battle will not be ranged in Australia and at this stage will only be available online through

Online availability is still better than we are getting for the Ultra Agents sets, but 76039 Ant-Man Final battle is a $39.99 set. Postage for that set alone would be $30, bringing the total to $69.99. Unless you are planning on getting some other sets too Ant-Man Final Battle is not a viable purchase.

The Ant-Man set looked great, and we are disappointed to see that it won’t be made available in Australian retail stores. If you feel the same way then we strongly suggest getting in touch with LEGO. Send them a tweet, post on their Facebook page or call Customer Service on 1800 683 100. You can always post in the comments too – we’ll be sure to pass on feedback to LEGO.

If you do want to purchase the set online, you can do so here

5 thoughts on “Ant-Man Final Battle Not Being Released At Retail

  1. tushkie Reply

    This is really disappointing. Ive been waiting for this in retail although I’m still positive that it will come. I should have bought it in kmart website when they still have it. I think this will be like the x-men blackbird set (although catch of the day had that).

  2. Dave Reply

    The same thing happened with the entire Hobbit theme for the final film. Apparently pride in doing a good job doesn’t apply to retail.

  3. Matt Reply

    Just a quick heads up for anyone interested but have this set for sale and have recently opened a second retail store in melbourne (not sure if you can pick this one up in store though). I’m sure any stock they have will go quickly in light of this disappointing news.

    The usual 6-12 month window for in store sets can fly by sometimes and it’s seems from the comments above the hobbit and blackbird sets dropped off shelves a lot sooner than that. Both were available in a number of stores locally on release, but I’ve heard from a few people who were under the impression that they were never actually on sale, such was the limited amount of stock. Hope this isn’t a trend.

    • Xavier Reply

      I think it’s a trend now, try finding a Jurassic World set in a retail store now 🙂

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