Target Slashes Price Of 75053 The Ghost

Thanks to the keen eyes of Matt, we have learnt that Target have slashed the price of the Star Wars set 75053 The Ghost.

At just $64 Target is selling this set for 54% off the official RRP of $139.99 (the set’s regular price at Target was $129).

75053 The Ghost Target

Normally we don’t post about a single set being on sale for a good price, but 50% off or better is rare and it was also a good chance to remind people that the Target 2015 Toy Sale kicks off in-store today.

You can find the set in store, or online here

7 thoughts on “Target Slashes Price Of 75053 The Ghost

  1. Mark Reply

    That’s an insane price! Thanks Michael and Matt for the heads up…just ordered one. Cheers

  2. Angela Reply

    Thanks so much for pointing this one out! Got an order in, but I see now they’re sold out.

  3. Monty Reply

    Also want to say thank you for the heads up. As Angela said they are sold out, but was able to get one at lunch time today ! Thanks 🙂

    • Art Reply

      Just been to Mel city store and there’s still a lot of stock here if you want.

  4. Von D Reply

    Went to Bondi Junction and got the last one at about 5.45pm tonight. So happy.

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