LEGO Dimensions Instruction PDFs

If you plan on picking up a few of the LEGO Dimensions packs without the game, then you may be wondering where to find the instructions. Luckily LEGO have made the instructions available via downloadable PDFs.

To view the instructions you’ll need to find the product and then download the relevant file. We’ve compiled a list of links below. We haven’t tested all of the links but they should all work the same.

Once you are on the product page here’s what to do – Click the show more link, select the desired model and then click Download PDF.

LEGO Dimensions Instruction Download

Here are all the links for Wave 1

71170Starter PackPS3Link
71171Starter PackPS4Link
71172Starter PackXbox OneLink
71173Starter PackXbox 360Link
71174Starter PackWii ULink
71201Level PackBack To The FutureLink
71202Level PackThe SimpsonsLink
71203Level PackPortal 2Link
71205Team PackOwen & ACU [Jurassic World]Link
71206Team PackScooby-DooLink
71209Fun PackWonder WomanLink
71210Fun PackCyborgLink
71212Fun PackEmmetLink
71213Fun PackBad CopLink
71214Fun PackBennyLink
71215Fun PackJayLink
71216Fun PackNyaLink
71217Fun PackZaneLink
71218Fun PackGollumLink
71219Fun PackLegolasLink
71220Fun PackGimliLink
71221Fun PackWicked WitchLink
71222Fun PackLavalLink
71223Fun PackCraggerLink
71232Fun PackErisLink

2 thoughts on “LEGO Dimensions Instruction PDFs

  1. Tan Tile Reply

    FYI the Starter Pack links come up with nothing yet (not up yet I think) also…
    They haven’t uploaded 71205 Jurassic World yet.
    And the ALL the Scooby instructions are in the wrong order ie: All the “Snack” ones are “Vans” and vice versa… 🙂

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Just noticed that Scooby stuff was all wonky myself because I was trying to check out the Mystery Machine.

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