Doctor Who Ideas Set Sneak Peek

The Doctor Who Facebook page has just shared this image of the Doctor Who LEGO Ideas set (click on the image for a larger version).

21304 Doctor Who Sneak Peek

We’ve already seen the Doctor’s appearance in LEGO Dimensions but this is our first look at the LEGO Ideas set.

Hopefully there will be official details of the set available soon.

It appears from this picture that a lot of the detail on the exterior of the TARDIS will be done with printed elements. Fingers crossed that’s the case.

Via Facebook

3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Ideas Set Sneak Peek

  1. outerrimtrading Reply

    The colour of each panel goes all the way to the sprue on the top and bottom so it looks very much like printed glass panels in a 2×2 window frame.

  2. Flumpf Reply

    Just a thought. The Ideas Ecto-1 and De Lorean appear in LEGO Dimensions, so the TARDIS seen in game may be the one that’s being released?

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