BrisBricks 2015 – Photos & Review

The start of October kicked off with a busy weekend for me. Not only did my little brother get married but it was also when BrisBricks put on their biggest show of the year . I headed out to Chandler on Monday to check out the show and you can see my photos and recap below.


Tickets were exclusively sold online this year with no tickets available at the door. I’m not sure if anybody got caught out with the lack of door tickets but I doubt it was a major issue. Like most large events there were pre-determined session times to spread the crowds out. I noticed that some sessions did sell out but there were still some available when I purchased my Monday ticket on Sunday night. I attended the 12:30 PM session on the Monday and when I arrived 15 minutes early the area looked pretty quiet so I got some food before going in. That was a slight mistake – the area was only quiet because there was a line up around the corner that I didn’t see. Thankfully the staff managed to get everybody inside within a couple of minutes.

The Venue
BrisBricks have been using The Chandler Arena for a few years now, so there isn’t a lot to add here. My only complaint is that the venue was starting to get a little warm inside at midday on a quite hot Brisbane day.

I found the layout of this years show to be really good. Things were well spaced out and it didn’t feel overly crowded despite being busy.

As I mentioned earlier I was able to grab some food before going in – there was plenty of food and drink available. The icecream seller seemed particularly busy.

For Sale
There was quite a good range of retailers at the show. There were obviously some prices higher than what you’d find with a bit of sale hunting but I personally didn’t see any over the top rip-offs. There was as always a good variety of products on sale; common and rare sets, customised items and even bulk parts. I managed to pick up two Friends minidolls to expand my collection.

The MOCs
I’m always envious of the talent of Brisbane builders. Despite being to almost all of the Brisbane shows for the last few years there were still plenty of creations I hadn’t previously seen.

Here are my top picks:

  • LEGOLAND Brisvagas (Images 003 – 008)
  • Cottage mosaic (Image 023)
  • Classic Space (Images 089 – 100)
  • Back To The Future Part 3 (Images 139 – 145)
  • ComicCon (Images 167 – 171)
  • Minecraft (Images 202 – 206)
  • Paradise Cove (Images 235 – 248)

There were certainly no bad displays and plenty more that were amazing. The list above are just the ones that caught my eye.

Be sure to check out the gallery below.

Thanks to everybody involved in BrisBricks for putting on such a fantastic show that raises funds for charity.



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