Christmas Train Offer Details

We have had a few people contact us about the 40138 Christmas Train set which is currently a freebie for US customers.

With the Double VIP offer a lot of people seem to want that bonus to go with their orders.

The information that we have from the latest UK affiliate email indicates that this offer should be available for Australian customers from October 23rd. We’ll post about the offer once it does go live.

At this stage we don’t know when the Double VIP point offer ends but you should be able to get double points and the Christmas train if you place an order from the 23rd to the 31st.

The affiliate email states that the train offer runs until November 20th. The Gingerbread House may be available after that.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Train Offer Details

  1. Paul Reply

    Michael, is there a qualifying amount of purchase to get the Christmas Train and is there a limit to how many we can get? Ie. If I wanted to buy $1,000 worth of Lego and if the qualifying amount was $200; I would make 5 transactions if there is no limit of the freebie per customer.

    • brickingaround Reply

      Not sure what the qualifying amount will be in Australia. It’s 55EUR/50GBP so I’d guess $75 here.

      These offers are usually listed as one per household but I don’t know how strictly that is enforced.

    • TC Reply

      The qualifying amount will be any purchases over $200 (as is with all the other freebie promotions for Australia). It would be one per customer, so even if you spent $400 in one transaction, you would only get one train, you would need to make a separate purchase of up to $200 to gain a second train.

      • Michael Post authorReply

        Qualifying amounts vary by promotion. For example the recent Creator Tiger was $45 while the Winter Soldier Minifigure was $100.

  2. Paul Reply

    Thanks for all the feedback, I will give it a go.. Will do several transactions and see if I get the trains.. good Christmas pressies for the kids..

  3. JH Reply

    I have brought many separate orders in the past with Lego Shop and from time to time they may skip giving you the freebie if you already have been given one previously. It’s kinda hit and miss at best however I have had success in just sending them an email to say that the freebie was not included in the order and so far Lego Shop have been very receptive to sending them out at no extra cost. Obviously your mileage may vary on how successful you are. IMHO I don’t know for certain if Lego Shop looks at how much you buy and takes that into consideration or not… certainly no harm in trying!

    I’ll definitely be doing several orders from 23rd October given the promo Double VIPs will still hopefully be running by then.

  4. Paul Reply

    The train is available now.. Over $100 purchase and the train is added to the cart.

    • sam Reply

      I just tried to make an order and it came up that the train is unavailable to Australian residents ?

      • Michael Post authorReply

        I’ve just sent you an email Sam. If possible can you reply with a screenshot of the issue so I can look in to it.

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