Happy Back To The Future Day

If you use the internet then there is a pretty good chance you have already seen that today is Back To The Future Day.

October 21st 2015 is the date that Marty and the Doc travel to in Back To The Future Part II. Sure the real 2015 may be a little less impressive than the one shown in the film (no hoverboards) but we do have Back To The Future LEGO products now, which nobody predicted back in 1989.

Back To The Future Day October 21st 2015

Unfortunately the 21103 DeLorean set is pretty hard to find these days. If you are looking for something to buy to get your BTTF fix the Back To The Future LEGO Dimensions pack is available from most retailers ($38 at Big W, Kmart and Target). If you don’t have the Dimensions game then maybe you’d be interested in buying some parts and building the micro DeLorean from that pack. You can find the instructions for that here.

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