On Sale: Selected Sets On Sale At Kmart

It looks like the retailers are getting ready for a pre-Christmas rush. There are a few sales kicking off this week and we’ll be posting each one in detail as well as a comparison as soon as they are all online.

The first sale to kick off is this selected sets offer from Kmart.

This sale runs from Monday October 26th through until Sunday November 8th.

Update: Kmart appear to have lowered the price of the Star Wars Advent Calendar to $29. That price is showing online, so you should be able to get it for that in-store too.

You can check out the catalogue here, or view the listing of included sets below.

 Set #Set NameThemePriceFull RRPFull RRP DiscountDiscount %
75097Advent CalendarStar Wars$29.00$49.99$20.9942%
75111Darth VaderStar Wars$45.00$49.99$4.9910%
75112General GrievousStar Wars$45.00$49.99$4.9910%
75102Poe’s X-Wing FighterStar Wars$115.00$129.99$14.9912%
75105Millennium FalconStar Wars$199.00$249.99$50.9920%
75101First Order Special Forces TIE FighterStar Wars$79.00$99.99$20.9921%
41093Heartlake Hair SalonFriends$34.00$44.99$10.9924%
41090Olivia's Garden PoolFriends$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
41092Stephanie's PizzeriaFriends$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
41085Vet ClinicFriends$22.00$29.99$7.9927%
41108Heartlake Food MarketFriends$44.00$59.99$15.9927%
41015Dolphin CruiserFriends$79.00$99.99$20.9921%
41073Naida's Epic Adventure ShipElves$34.00$44.99$10.9924%
41078Skyra's Mysterious Sky CastleElves$98.00$129.99$31.9925%
41060Sleeping Beauty's Royal BedroomDisney Princess$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
70747Boulder BlasterNinjago$35.00$39.99$4.9912%
70746Condrai Copter AttackNinjago$35.00$39.99$4.9912%
70753Lava FallsNinjago$15.00$15.99$.996%
70736Attack of the Morro DragonNinjago$85.00$109.99$24.9923%
70737Titan Mech BattleNinjago$65.00$89.99$24.9928%
70733Blaster BikeNinjago$23.00$29.99$6.9923%
60095Deep Sea Exploration VesselCity$99.00$149.99$50.9934%
60086LEGO City Starter SetCity$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
600854x4 with PowerboatCity$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
60079Training Jet TransporterCity$55.00$69.99$14.9921%
60097City SquareCity$179.00$249.99$70.9928%
VariousDimensions Starter PacksDimensions$99.00$169.99$70.9942%

Discounts are based on RRP rather than Kmart’s regular prices which are usually a little below RRP.

Note: We’re trying something new in the sale information – thumbnails of the sets. Let us know what you think of this addition.

6 thoughts on “On Sale: Selected Sets On Sale At Kmart

  1. Xybyt Reply

    Love the thumbnails makes it heaps easier to figure out what I’m looking at! The only thing it’s missing is a piece count but then I don’t know if there’s room for that. Thanks for the great info!

  2. Branko Reply

    I can’t see 70738 in the catalogue. The price you listed would be an absolute steal!

    • Michael Post authorReply

      My mistake. When entering the products I misread the set number 70733 as 70738. I thought I had deleted that but it seems it slipped through. Sorry about that.

  3. SWBrickFan Reply

    That’s a sweet price for 75105 in time for Christmas 🙂 I like the thumbnails – makes it nice and easy to find a specific item without having to search

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