Sydney Harbour Icons With LEGO Bricks

We know that there is plenty of friendly rivalry between Australian cities but no matter where you come from it’s hard to deny that Sydney is home to some true icons of Australia such as the Sydney Opera House.

LEGO fans in Sydney will be able to check out the city’s most famous attractions in LEGO form at a new exhibition at the Museum of Sydney from this Saturday (November 7th 2015). Tickets start at $15 for non-members.

Certified LEGO professional Ryan McNaught has recreated Sydney Harbour’s most iconic and visionary structures, as well as some of its most famous moments. Ryan’s creations bring to life the spectacle of Sydney Harbour in LEGO with a series of playful installations incorporating world-first fireworks, lights, movement and almost 1000 minifigs.

The Harbour Bridge build alone features over 130,000 LEGO pieces, which as you can tell from the picture makes for a huge model.

Sydney Icons LEGO Feature

Young LEGO fans should enjoy exploring the intricate detail within Ryan’s LEGO creations; discover minifigs at the opera, on a cruise, having fun at Luna Park and climbing the harbour bridge. Perhaps even spot a Sydney celebrity or two amongst the sea of bricks.

You can learn more about the event via the event page below, or the Sydney Museum website.

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