Disney Minifigure Series For 2016?

LEGO and Disney have been partners for quite a while now. It’s a partnership that has been responsible for a heap of LEGO related products; all of the new Marvel and Star Wars sets fall under the Disney licensing umbrella.

One thing that we haven’t seen is classic Disney characters making their appearance in standard LEGO form. There is Duplo Mickey and Minidoll princesses but no Disney Minifigures. That could be set to change next year with the release of a Disney Collectible Minifigure Series.

Disney Minifigures 2016

There hasn’t been any official confirmation of this rumour, but it has appeared via a few sources. The current reports place this for a May release with Captain Hook and Peter Pan included in the lineup.

What do you think of the idea of a Disney Minifigure series? Amazing or terrible?

Information via Twitter. Image is not an official logo, just a quick photoshop mock-up.

2 thoughts on “Disney Minifigure Series For 2016?

  1. Angela Reply

    So much amazing. Combining the happiest place on earth with the funnest place on earth! *swoon*

  2. Brett Reply

    Exciting news. So many possibilities, and I can easily imagine it would lead to a second or third series as well. I can imagine the obvious characters central to the Disney cartoons and theme parks (Mickey, Donald, Pluto). However, I can also see characters from films ranging from Mary Poppins to perhaps Tron. I’d LOVE to see a lego minifigure Condorman! If you don’t remember this film or never saw it, find it!

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