On Sale: Selected Sets On Sale At Toys R Us

We’ve all been a bit spoilt lately with percentage off offers, so a ‘selected sets’ sale seems a little bit disappointing. Having said that a discount is still a discount and there are some sets in this Toys R Us offer that may just be on your Christmas list.

From tomorrow (Wednesday November 25th) until Tuesday December 1st 2015 Toys R Us are offering discounts on a range of selected sets.

As always you can check out the list of included sets and the discounts below. If you want to check out the catalogue for yourself you can find it here.

 Set #Set NameThemePriceFull RRPFull RRP DiscountDiscount %
60075Excavator and TruckCity$49.99$59.99$1017%
60093Deep Sea HelicopterCity$49.99$59.99$1017%
60095Deep Sea Exploration VesselCity$129.99$149.99$2013%
60047Police StationCity$129.99$149.99$2013%
75105Millennium Falcon [VIP Price]Star Wars$219.99$249.99$3012%
75109Obi-Wan KenobiStar Wars$34.99$39.99$513%
75081T-16 SkyhopperStar Wars$34.99$39.99$513%
75080AATStar Wars$34.99$39.99$513%
75038Jedi InterceptorStar Wars$34.99$39.99$513%
70735Ronin R.E.X.Ninjago$71.99$89.99$1820%
70737Titan Mech BattleNinjago$71.99$89.99$1820%
71016Kwik-E-MartThe Simpsons$299.99$329.99$309%
Mixels - Any TwoMixels$10.00$11.98$1.9817%

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