On Sale: 20% Off At Target eBay Store

Here’s a surprise Target eBay sale that probably shouldn’t work but does. As part of the “Tech Frenzy” eBay promotion the Target eBay store is offering 20% off their range of LEGO. We know – LEGO doesn’t really fit under the category of tech but let’s all agree to not tell them.

To get the 20% off you will need to use the code CXMASTECH at checkout. This offer runs from today (November 27th) until Sunday November 30th 2015. Don’t forget to factor postage in to your discount.

eBay Christmas Tech Frenzy

Check out the LEGO range here (sorry, the link also includes some other non-LEGO products)

6 thoughts on “On Sale: 20% Off At Target eBay Store

    • Michael Post authorReply

      What item were you trying to buy? The listing should say “SAVE A FURTHER 20% OFF (MAX $1000) USING CODE CXMASTECH” on it. I just tested it with 75108 and the discount worked. What did it say when you entered the code?

  1. Basri Reply

    There’s 1 item is not working. Ebay guy try to resolve it now. I bought other 2 sets and all work.

    NEW LEGO Building Toy Star WarsDeath Star Trooper Age 6 To 12 75034

  2. Salah Reply

    Hi i tried it on a megablocks set ill give it another try it said there was 20percent off

  3. Salah Reply

    ok it is all good the set i wanted did not have the sale on. Thanks for the update anyway Michael

  4. JH Reply

    I’m super happy got the technic cargo airplane set 42025 at 28% off after applying code. This set always hard to get a big discount already marked down to 179.00 on eBay target. Got it down to $143 and included free shipping!

    Just made my Xmas!

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