MinifigPak Unboxing And Review

Some of you may have seen that the team behind the subscription LEGO box BrickPak have just launched a new product – the MinifigPak. Subscribers to the new product will get monthly delivery of three mystery minifigures for $17.95 per month.

You can sign up for your own pack at

I just received one of the first packs couldn’t wait to get stuck in to it. Check out my unboxing video and thoughts on the pack below.

If you are getting your own pack and don’t want to be spoiled – here’s your chance to turn away now.

With any product that has an element of mystery you certainly run the risk of getting something that you don’t like, or something not worth the money that you paid. I feel that is less of a concern with the MinifigPak, especially for minifigure fans – you know are going to get three minifigures each month. I think this pack is going to be great for younger LEGO fans who don’t really care about only collecting a single theme.

Here are the first three minifigures…

Railway Worker

MinifigPak Railway Worker
The first minifigure is a LEGO City Railway Worker. I initially thought this was a construction minifigure based on the fluro orange vest. If you look closely however you can see the train LEGO on the torso. The face printing is really nice and overall I think this is a great minifigure. It easily fits in to a city collection.


MinifigPak Garmadon
Another really nice minifigure. I have a few Ninjago sets but I’m far from an expert on the story. From what I have read he’s had quite the journey. This minifigure has a great ninja print on the torso that also extends on to the legs. I quite like the grey hair piece.

Cad Bane

MinifigPak Cad Bane
I have no idea who Cad Bane is. I do know that he has an awesome hat and a blue head. This is a minifigure that looks great even with zero context.


I really like the concept of the MinifigPak. I think for me it’s a better concept than the original BrickPak. Minifigures have a certain charm about them, and getting a surprise pack each month sounds like a heap of fun. I could see this being a great reward for little minifigure fans that do their chores or behave in school.

In terms of value I think the price is right. It might be cheaper to track down each minifigure on Bricklink, but then you have to worry about postage (potentially from different sellers). What’s hard to put a dollar figure on the discovery part. For example I had only seen pictures of the Cad Bane minifigure in a couple of books. I never would have got one if not for this pack. That means I never would have owned his awesome hat.

If you are an adventurous minifigure fan I recommend this pack. If you’re a more selective collector then the mystery part of this may put you off.

Bricking Around was sent a MinifigPak for review.

2 thoughts on “MinifigPak Unboxing And Review

  1. Monty Reply

    You’re right Cad Bane does have an awesome hat ! That’s a great minifigure 🙂

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