On Sale: Selected Sets On Sale At Target

This sale isn’t so much about the big ticket items being on sale but rather a selection of smaller stocking stuffer type sets. The good news is that this sale only runs for a week, so it’s possible we’ll get another last minute sale before Christmas.

These catalogue offers run from tomorrow (December 10th) until Wednesday December 16th 2015.

You can check out the catalogue here, or the list of included sets below. There are also Dimensions items featured but they appear to be Target’s regular prices for those products.

 Set #Set NameThemePriceFull RRPFull RRP DiscountDiscount %
75075AT-ATStar Wars$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
75074SnowspeederStar Wars$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
31030Red Go-KartCreator$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
31029Cargo HeliCreator$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
41086Vet AmbulanceFriends$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
41090Olivia's Garden PoolFriends$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
70740Airjitzu Jay FlyerNinjago$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
70739Airjitzu Kai FlyerNinjago$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
10586Ice Cream TruckDuplo$15.00$22.99$7.9935%
10589Rally CarDuplo$15.00$22.99$7.9935%
75908458 Italia GT2Speed Champions$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
75909McLaren P1Speed Champions$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
75899LaFerrariSpeed Champions$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
75910Porsche 918 SpyderSpeed Champions$15.00$19.99$4.9925%

2 thoughts on “On Sale: Selected Sets On Sale At Target

  1. Spengler Reply

    Target also have a ‘buy 1 get one 50% off’ on a few themes, including Star Wars. You can grab 2 Microfighters for $18. Bargain!

  2. Basri Reply

    Got another 5% off when you purchase instore. The target staf distribute the 5% discount barcode at entrance.

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