First Look At Angry Birds Sets

One of the new 2016 themes that we haven’t seen a lot of is Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds Movie is due out in May 2016, so it’s likely the sets will be released around the same time. Thanks to a Russian site, we now a first look at the range.

(Click on the image for a larger version)

LEGO Angry Birds Set Overview

These sets actually look quite interesting. After watching the trailer they do seem to match the aesthetic of the movie well.

These may not be popular with adult LEGO fans but they seem like the sort of sets that kids will love.

Via and Brickset

7 thoughts on “First Look At Angry Birds Sets

    • Amy Reply

      Hmmm if that’s the case I should either start putting away money now or try to layby it all when it comes out. I have a feeling my boys will want all the sets lol they are Angry birds mad.

  1. Evgeny Yakovlev Reply

    It says in Russian “All New in April”… Prices are quite high though looking at Russian currency RRP.

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