Angry Birds Sets Now Available Online

We have seen high resolution photos of the Angry Birds sets but up until now there haven’t been any official details on Australian pricing.

Now that it’s ticked over to March LEGO have updated their site and add all 6 of the new sets. These aren’t just placehold pages either – all of the sets are available to purchase right now. If you want to wait for these to appear in-store we’ve heard that these will be available in April.

We’ve included a listing of the various sets and their Australian RRP below. There is no thumbnail image for 75823 on the LEGO site for some reason, but the product page does have images.

 Set NumberNamePiecesRRPLink
75821Piggy Car Escape74$19.99View
75822Piggy Plane Attack168$39.99View
75823Bird Island Egg Heist277$59.99View
75824Pig City Teardown386$79.99View
75825Piggy Pirate Ship620$99.99View
75826King Pig’s Castle859$139.99View

1 thought on “Angry Birds Sets Now Available Online

  1. dr_sarcophagus Reply

    first 2016 wave just dropped and…………speed champions.
    I’m so happy.

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