On Sale: 20% Off At Myer

Here is some late news that should make your weekend a little better – Myer are having a 3-day sale which just happens to include 20% off all toys.

The sale is on now (March 12th) and runs until 11:59PM AEDT Monday March 14th 2016 (obviously stores will close before then).

You can check out the online range here, or head in to your local store. Don’t forget that Myer does have a click and collect option.

Thanks to Wade for emailing about this sale.

10 thoughts on “On Sale: 20% Off At Myer

  1. Tom Reply

    Until Myer put a limit of 1 per customer on bigger / hard to find sets these sales just aren’t worth the time, money (petrol) and disappointment of getting to the shop minutes or hours after a single person has cleaned the store of all worth while sets.

    Shop@Home and Shop for Me get my Lego moneys these days.

  2. JJ Reply

    I just have to share this as well, the only point of this sale IMHO is to go into the shop aswell, only to find the shelves cleared out.

    EVERYTIME I have ordered something from myer’s online store I’ve received damaged or squashed/ creased boxes.

    (tin foil cap now on) its like they use the online sales to move the stock that’s looks too shabby to be put a shelf in a upmarket retail myer store.

    so if you want perfect condition boxes you really do have to go try you luck and go instore,

    Disclaimer:-…. These comments are from what “I personally” have experienced multiple times.

  3. Tony Reply

    Myer Emporium (as of Saturday 12th March) has quite a few of the Doctor Who and Big Bang Theory Ideas sets still on the shelves. Also the newer DC Comic sets and some Force Awakens sets but didn’t see any Simpsons or Creator Expert sets. Also noticed that the new Han Solo and Rey (Hasbro) figures have been cleaned out.

  4. gazza Reply

    Had to return some Myer online purchases a while back as the boxes were crushed when I received them.

    Fortunately the Customer Service Representative I spoke to on the phone was able to track down two replacement sets for me.

    I did have to travel across Melbourne to pick them up though.

    Checked out Myer Doncaster today for Crook’s Hideout – no dice. Was on hold to the Northland store for 10 minutes and gave up.

    Click and collect is virtually defunct for Melbourne. Well, at least it is in my area.

    Myer aren’t what they used to be.

  5. Rush Reply

    Found a Simpsons house at Brookside, and used my sister’s staff member discount for another 15% – took it down to about 230~

  6. Tim Reply

    Wouldn’t recommend Lego from Myer. Last sale I ordered click and collect from them and Myer not fill it at the special price but I could order from that store any more but I could get it at full price from another store. At this time they had taken my money but still have not refunded it despite not filling the order. I am having to go through the Office of Consumer and Business affairs to try to get them to refund an order they never fulfilled.

    • Tim Reply

      Wow. That makes no sense. It should read:
      Last sale I ordered click and collect from them and Myer took the sale and my money but then advised they could not fill it at the special price, but I could order it at full price from another store.
      Basically they will take an order but not fill it nor refund it.

  7. Monty Reply

    I was able to pick up a Doctor Who at 20% discount – so very happy.
    Never had an issue online (always in good condition) nor in store. Maybe I have just been lucky.

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