On Sale: Buy One, Get One Free At Big W

No, that headline isn’t a mistake – rather than the much more common “Buy One, Get One Half Price” sale this is a genuine Buy One, Get One Free offer. The bad news is that it’s online only and a fairly limited range.

It’s certainly worth having a look – 50% off is certainly a rarity (assuming you buy two identically priced items). Please note that if you are buying two items the cheaper one will always be the free one.

View the products here.
The click & collection option should also be available for orders over $40.

This sale ends April 6th 2016, but items may sell out before then.

10 thoughts on “On Sale: Buy One, Get One Free At Big W

    • Gary Reply

      Yes, me too. I called the store in advance to ensure the manager was happy to approve the online price in-store.

  1. Michael Reply

    How do youa ctually go out BUYING something online. Im trying to look Azaris set too and I cant actually see a BUY button. (Maybe i need to log in first?)

    • Michael Post authorReply

      The Big W website is very annoying – if there is the slight possibility that one store somewhere in the country may have stock it still shows up.

  2. gamelandananda Reply

    The already excellent value “LEGO Classic Creative Supplement -10693” is sold out online, but still shows up because it’s in-stock in-store (where BOGOF won’t work!)

  3. ALEGOFAN Reply

    BOGOF online is crap. It can show the product is buy one get one free and online only. But there is no Add to Cart or Buy button. The link that Bricking around send us works but if I go into the Big website, it has additional items on BOGOF but no Buy option.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      The buy button won’t show up if the item is not available to buy online. They really should make that clearer.

  4. Lego rules Reply

    This sales is stupid, I just checked the website all the Lego set are NOT available online. šŸ™

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