On Sale: 20% Off At Myer

So that Myer eBay sale that was just posted? Turns out that sale is also running on the actual Myer site.

Head over there now for a slightly larger range. This also means that you will be able to get 20% off in-store too.

The sale runs from today (April 6th) until Sunday April 10th 2016.

You can view the online range here.

5 thoughts on “On Sale: 20% Off At Myer

  1. Tim Reply

    Beware when ordering from Myer. A couple of sales ago I ordered click and collect from them and they took the sale and my money but then advised they could not fill it at the special price, but I could order it at full price from another store. They still have not refunded it.
    Basically they will take an order but not fill it nor refund it.

    • gazza Reply

      That’s very frustrating, Tim. Sorry that that happened to you.

      I’d hazard a guess that you’ve made a local complaint already. Next step would be to go to the ACCC if you’re not satisfied with the outcome of that complaint.

      I had a similar problem approximately a month ago.

      I’m a lawyer by trade, so I fought with them, got a full refund plus an additional $30 online voucher. I didn’t need to go to the ACCC; I just went directly to their complaints area and argued my case there.

      The $30 voucher covered the savings I would have made had they fulfilled the order after they had taken my money. Unfortunately in my case, the set I had purchased was no longer available at Myer (Mini Cooper), so I had to settle with a refund and voucher.

      What you’re dealing with here is specific non-performance of a contract.

      You and Myer entered into a contract for the sale and purchase of goods at a set price.

      Irrespective of whether or not the order could be fulfilled, they are still obliged to honour the agreement entered into with you i.e sourcing the goods from another store and delivering them to you at the agreed sale price.

      I hope that that makes sense. Happy to go over it with you in greater detail if necessary.


  2. Jun Reply

    Thanks for the input from a legal perspective, Gazza.

    I liked Myer, but after a bad experience with Myer Online during their last Christmas Sale, I will have 2nd thoughts about ordering anything online from Myer again. They cancelled all my online orders one day after the purchases have gone through. They would place the blame on the credit card provider for rejecting the purchase (when they have clearly debited my credit card). When asked for a refund for not honoring the sale, they again gave excuses that they are unable to refund (of course, everything had to do with my credit card provider not approving the refund etc). Ended up having to lodge a dispute claim with my credit card provider to force a refund from Myer. I got my refund back a few days after the dispute was lodged with the credit card provider (that was after a few good weeks of useless liasing with Myer). It’s really scary when they happily take your funds and don’t feel the need to give it back to you anytime soon.

    These days, I just go to their physical store to avoid the scary online ordeal again.

    • gazza Reply

      Ah, that old trick.

      Yeah, Myer has been known to pull that one a few times on unsuspecting customers.

      Sorry that you went through such an ordeal, Jun.

      I think I may draft some template letters for you all to use if you come across this and other similar problems again.

      Lego fans have to help each other out! We already pay stupid prices simply because we live in Australia.

  3. Mark Reply

    Wow. I’m genuinely surprised by the bad experiences with Myer you guys have had. My experience has been the opposite, mainly related to the clowns at Auspost physically losing a couple of orders from Myer online. But that’s a whole other story. I guess like any e-tailer results may vary.

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