10% Off Star Wars At LEGO Online To Celebrate May The Fourth

Despite earlier indications that we were only getting the Stormtrooper promotion, LEGO have just updated their store with 10% Off all LEGO Star Wars sets.

May Fourth LEGO Online 10pc

The 75098 Assault On Hoth set is excluded.

You’ll need to get in quick as this offer is only valid May 4th 2016.

Thanks to Mark for letting us know about this offer

16 thoughts on “10% Off Star Wars At LEGO Online To Celebrate May The Fourth

  1. Owen Reply

    Might be due to the email I sent to them yesterday complain about all other regions getting a 10% sale on Star Wars. Got a reply at 4am this morning announcing the 10% flash sale and the official announcement at 8am.

  2. Raphabrick Reply

    Damn it, just bought the ewok village last night!!

    • Mark Reply

      @ Raphabrick. I would call them. Lego are generally very good with things like that. It’s pretty rough if you missed out on the offer by hours, especially as this is a “flash” sale with no prior warning. Technically the May 4th promotion started on the 30th April, at least for the polybag and poster offer here and discounts in other parts of the world started then too.

      • gamelandananda Reply

        I just phoned:
        “I’m sorry sir, I appreciate your concern but even we do not know there is going to be a sale until they tell us. In fact the particular detail of this sale is only for the day of 4th of May, not the day before or the day after, and not connected with the original promotion.”
        There you go, the ‘official response’. So I guess we’ll all wait until the day next time!

        • Mark Reply

          Hmm. Not what I would have expected. I would try cancelling the order (assuming they haven’t already picked it as they are pretty sluggish generally) and then just re-order it.

  3. Tom Reply

    I just combined this 10% off with my VIP points to save about 20% off the Sandcrawler. Pretty happy with that. Now my collection is “complete”………………..

    • Mark Reply

      Nice Tom! I bought it a month or so ago during 2 x VIP points period. I kinda wish I had waited until now..oh well.

  4. Mike Reply

    I just grabbed the Sandcrawler. Feels so good, but so wrong…

    Now I’m trying not to get the Ewok Village too!

  5. JJ Reply

    can I ask a noob question…. if I use my VIP points to get say offset the full price of a sandcrawler…..do I still accumulate any VIP points for that purchase?

  6. gazza Reply

    I held true to my word and didn’t give Lego any money this time round.

    I came close to grabbing the Sandcrawler but I was strong and said no.

    Now I’m sad. Really sad.

    Haha 🙂

    • Mike Reply

      Don’t be sad Gazza, it’s certainly a lot to fork out for it, and… umm… it’s just a brown box… umm… Oh who am I kidding? You totally should have got one 🙂

    • Xavier Reply

      I doubt the whole store certainly not like the semi-regular 20% off in local retail stores. Most reductions are usually clearance or selected sets but they go pretty quick

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