More 2nd Half 2016 Sets Now Online

Following on from our previous article about LEGO updating their online store with some of the 2nd half of 2016 sets – there are now even more sets listed.

The current listing seems to be all of the new sets that will be available online in June. Still no details of retail release dates, but at least we have pricing.

You can check out the full listing of nearly 80 sets below, each with a link to the product page.

Pricing across the board does seem to be a bit higher than people would like. We’ll be looking into that in a separate article.

 ThemeSet NumberNamePiecesRRPLink
City60100Airport Starter Set81$15.99View
City60101Airport Cargo Plane157$29.99View
City60102Airport VIP Service364$59.99View
City60103Airport Air Show670$119.99View
City60104Airport Passenger Terminal694$149.99View
City60120Volcano Starter Set83$15.99View
City60121Volcano Exploration Truck175$29.99View
City60122Volcano Crawler324$44.99View
City60123Volcano Supply Helicopter330$59.99View
City60124Volcano Exploration Base824$149.99View
City60125Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter1277$199.99View
City60132Service Station515$119.99View
City60134Fun in the Park157$54.99View
Creator31049Twin Spin Helicopter326$39.99View
Creator31051Lighthouse Point528$79.99View
Creator31052Vacation Getaways792$119.99View
Creator31053Treehouse Adventures387$49.99View
DC Comics Super Heroes76054Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of Fear563$129.99View
DC Comics Super Heroes76055Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash759$139.99View
DC Comics Super Heroes76056Batman: Rescue from Ra's al Ghul257$59.99View
Disney Princess41065Rapunzel's Best Day Ever145$34.99View
Disney Princess41067Belle's Enchanted Castle374$79.99View
Duplo10810Push Train45$39.99View
Duplo10811Backhoe Loader19$24.99View
Duplo10812Truck & Tracked Excavator28$29.99View
Duplo10813Big Construction Site67$89.99View
Duplo10822Sofia the First Magical Carriage30$39.99View
Duplo10825Miles' Exo-Flex Suit37$39.99View
Duplo10827Mickey & Friends Beach House48$49.99View
Duplo10828Doc McStuffins' Pet Vet Care30$34.99View
Elves41177The Precious Crystal Mine273$44.99View
Elves41178The Dragon Sanctuary585$59.99View
Elves41179Queen Dragon's Rescue833$99.99View
Elves41180Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle1014$149.90View
Friends41123Foal's Washing Station77$15.99View
Friends41124Heartlake Puppy Daycare286$44.99View
Friends41125Horse Vet Trailer370$59.99View
Friends41126Heartlake Riding Club575$89.99View
Friends41127Amusement Park Arcade174$22.99View
Friends41128Amusement Park Space Ride195$29.99View
Friends41129Amusement Park Hot Dog Van243$44.99View
Friends41130Amusement Park Roller Coaster1124$149.99View
Friends41133Amusement Park Bumper Cars424$59.99View
Friends41134Heartlake Performance School774$129.99View
Juniors10724Batman & Superman vs. Lex Luthor164$29.99View
Juniors10726Stephanie's Horse Carriage58$15.99View
Juniors10727Emma's Ice Cream Truck136$29.99View
Juniors10728Mia's Vet Clinic173$39.99View
Marvel Super Heroes76057Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle1092$169.99View
Marvel Super Heroes76058Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-Up217$39.99View
Marvel Super Heroes76059Spider-Man: Doc Ock's Tentacle Trap446$89.99View
Nexo Knights70318The Glob Lobber95$12.99View
Nexo Knights70319Macy's Thunder Mace202$34.99View
Nexo Knights70320Aaron Fox's Aero-Striker V2301$59.99View
Nexo Knights70321General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom516$79.99View
Nexo Knights70322Axl's Tower Carrier670$119.99View
Nexo Knights70323Jestro's Volcano Lair1186$189.99View
Nexo Knights70326The Black Knight Mech530$89.99View
Nexo Knights70336Ultimate Axl69$15.99View
Nexo Knights70337Ultimate Lance75$15.99View
Nexo Knights70338Ultimate General Magmar64$15.99View
Nexo Knights70339Ultimate Flama67$15.99View
Ninjago70588Titanium Ninja Tumbler342$49.99View
Ninjago70589Rock Roader406$69.99View
Ninjago70590Airjitzu Battle Grounds666$99.99View
Ninjago70591Kryptarium Prison Breakout207$34.99View
Ninjago70592Salvage M.E.C.439$69.99View
Ninjago70593The Green NRG Dragon567$89.99View
Ninjago70594The Lighthouse Siege767$99.99View
Ninjago70595Ultra Stealth Raider1093$139.99View
Ninjago70596Samurai X Cave Chaos1253$199.99View
Star Wars75145Eclipse Fighter363$59.99View
Star Wars75147Star Scavenger558$89.99View
Star Wars75148Encounter on Jakku530$89.99View
Star Wars75149Resistance X-wing Fighter740$139.99View
Star Wars75150Vader's TIE Advanced vs. A-wing Starfighter702$159.99View
Star Wars75151Clone Turbo Tank903$189.99View
Star Wars75157Captain Rex's AT-TE972$199.99View

Thanks to Mark, Victor and Dickson for all letting me know that new sets were listed.

6 thoughts on “More 2nd Half 2016 Sets Now Online

  1. Shannon Nicholson Reply

    I saw the new creator series, brick bank, Ferrari plus some speed champions that appeared new to me at Brisbane Myer today.

    • Mark Reply

      Brick bank and Ferarri F40 are rumoured to be Myer’s exclusives in the upcoming mid year toy sale so I would hold off till then. Were the Speed Champions you saw the new 2016 one’s? That would be cool as I hadn’t heard of an Australian retail release date as yet.

  2. Shannon Nicholson Reply

    The speed champions I saw were new to me however I have not paid too much attention to the line and couldn’t say if they are the new 2016 or not. I have definitely not seen them before in other stores however.

  3. Mark Reply

    I can confirm the Speed Champions sets you saw were the new 2016 series. I saw them @ Myer Melbourne Emporium today, along with the new technic sets.

  4. Monty Reply

    Does anyone happen to know if the Temple of Airjitzu will ever be sold retail in Australia?

    • Mark Reply

      Great Question! I would love to know the answer to that too. My guess is only if its a retailer exclusive. But there are so many other big (and probably higher volume selling) sets than Temple of Airjitsu that retailers would want as their catalogue flagships. I would find it hard to pass up if it ever appeared discounted.

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