2016 Toy Sales – All The Deals From Myer

Period: June 15 – July 17 2016

Big Ticket Items: Range of large exclusive sets

Christmas Lay-by: Yes

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Myer are sneaking in just ahead of Big W. Their toy sale officially kicks off in-store tomorrow, but they’ve made the offers available online today (June 14th). You can check out the full online LEGO range here.

On offer is 20% off all LEGO, excluding Myer exclusive items.

Unfortunately all of the best items seem to be Myer exclusive and therefore less than 20% off.

There catalogue features details of those exclusives as well as some other sets. You can see the listing below.

 Set #Set NameThemePriceFull RRPFull RRP DiscDisc %
75060Slave IStar Wars$279.00$299.99$20.997%
75105Millennium FalconStar Wars$199.00$249.99$50.9920%
75131Resistance Trooper Battle PackStar Wars$17.95$22.99$5.0422%
75132First Order Battle PackStar Wars$17.95$22.99$5.0422%
75137Carbon-Freezing ChamberStar Wars$34.95$44.99$10.0422%
42050Drag RacerTechnic$79.95$99.99$20.0420%
42048Race KartTechnic$34.95$44.99$10.0422%
42052Heavy Lift HelicopterTechnic$174.95$219.99$45.0420%
41101Heartlake Grand HotelFriends$169.00$189.99$20.9911%
41119Heartlake Cupcake CafeFriends$44.95$59.99$15.0425%
41118Heartlake SupermarketFriends$34.95$44.99$10.0422%
60110Fire StationCity$124.00$159.99$35.9922%
60128Police PursuitCity$23.95$29.99$6.0420%
60108Fire Response UnitCity$44.95$59.99$15.0425%
60129Police Patrol BoatCity$44.95$59.99$15.0425%
60107Fire Ladder TruckCity$23.95$29.99$6.0420%
60047Police StationCity$119.00$149.99$30.9921%
10246Detective's OfficeCreator$179.00$229.99$50.9922%
10251Brick BankAdvanced Models$229.00$249.99$20.998%
10243Parisian RestaurantAdvanced Models$199.00$249.99$50.9920%
10232Palace CinemaCreator$159.00$199.99$40.9920%
10248Ferrari F40Creator$119.95$129.99$10.048%


3 thoughts on “2016 Toy Sales – All The Deals From Myer

  1. JJ Reply

    I wouldn’t say all the best deals are exclusives……. that’s a great price for the Detectives office & Parisian Restaurant !!

  2. Monty Reply

    I agree, and I can wait for future waves of sales for the Brick Bank and Ferrari ! On a side note, I was really hoping the Temple of Airjitzu would be appearing in this of wave retail sales/exclusives – wait to see what Target and Kmart have on offer I suppose – didn’t actually think that one would be an exclusive.

  3. Morgan Reply

    I am very glad that Myer have put reasonable sales limits on the bigger sets. 3 is a reasonable amount for any real Lego collector and will prevent what I saw this time last year with people walking around with two shopping trolleys full of Slave 1.

    Oh and thanks to my Lego addiction, I was able to use my Myer One rewards (4 x $20 vouchers) to reduce the Brick Bank to a nice $149. Yes, I could have gotten it cheaper down the track, but I cannot wait. I have no patience, you see.

    Very interested to see what K-Mart and Target come up with.

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