2016 Toy Sales – All The Deals From Kmart

Period: June 23 – July 13 2016

Big Ticket Items: Small range of exclusive sets

Christmas Lay-by: No

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A few years ago Kmart ended the Christmas layby option for their mid-year toy sale, and many people thought that meant the end of the sale altogether. Well their toy sale kicks off today and there is still plenty of items to catch your interest.

Kmart offer price matching, but not the price beat offer available at Toys R Us and Big W. I’ll be doing up a comprehensive listing of how to take advantage off all the toy sale offers soon.

You can see the listing of all the sets in the catalogue below.

 Set #Set NameThemePriceFull RRPFull RRP DiscDisc %
75125Resistance X-wing FighterStar Wars$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
75126First Order SnowspeederStar Wars$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
75129Wookiee GunshipStar Wars$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
10721Iron Man vs. LokiJuniors$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
10720Police Helicopter ChaseJuniors$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
10808Little PlaneDuplo$10.00$12.99$2.9923%
10815My First RocketDuplo$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
10831My First CaterpillarDuplo$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
75128TIE Advanced PrototypeStar Wars$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
60106Fire Starter SetCity$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
60114Race BoatCity$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
31042Super SoarerCreator$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
31043Chopper TransporterCreator$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
75127The GhostStar Wars$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
75130AT-DPStar Wars$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
60127Prison Island Starter SetCity$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
60113Rally CarCity$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
42044Display Team JetTechnic$10.00$17.99$7.9944%
41066Anna & Kristoff's Sleigh AdventureDisney Princess$30.00$39.99$9.9925%
41174The Starlight InnElves$30.00$44.99$14.9933%
41121Adventure Camp RaftingFriends$30.00$44.99$14.9933%
41111Party TrainFriends$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
41115Emma's Creative WorkshopFriends$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
41120Adventure Camp ArcheryFriends$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
41132Heartlake Party ShopFriends$42.00$49.99$7.9916%
41119Heartlake Cupcake CafeFriends$42.00$59.99$17.9930%
41117Pop Star TV StudioFriends$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
41173Elvendale School of DragonsElves$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
41110Birthday PartyFriends$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
70331Ultimate MacyNexo Knights$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
70332Ultimate AaronNexo Knights$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
70330Ultimate ClayNexo Knights$12.00$15.99$3.9925%
70324Merlok's Library 2.0Nexo Knights$35.00$49.99$14.9930%
70317The FortrexNexo Knights$94.00$139.99$45.9933%
76062Mighty Micros: Robin vs. BaneDC Comics Super Heroes$15.00$17.99$2.9917%
76063Mighty Micros: The Flash vs. Captain ColdDC Comics Super Heroes$15.00$17.99$2.9917%
76061Mighty Micros: Batman vs. CatwomanDC Comics Super Heroes$15.00$17.99$2.9917%
76044Clash of the HeroesDC Comics Super Heroes$19.00$19.99$.995%
76056Batman: Rescue from Ra's al GhulDC Comics Super Heroes$55.00$59.99$4.998%
76066Mighty Micros: Hulk vs. UltronMarvel Super Heroes$15.00$17.99$2.9917%
76065Mighty Micros: Captain America vs. Red SkullMarvel Super Heroes$15.00$17.99$2.9917%
76064Mighty Micros: Spider-Man vs. Green GoblinMarvel Super Heroes$15.00$17.99$2.9917%
76050Crossbones' Hazard HeistMarvel Super Heroes$35.00$39.99$4.9912%
76047Black Panther PursuitMarvel Super Heroes$35.00$49.99$14.9930%
10697LEGO Large Creative BoxClassic$79.00$89.99$10.9912%
60116Ambulance PlaneCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60117Van & CaravanCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60084Racing Bike TransporterCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60078Utility ShuttleCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
601154 x 4 Off RoaderCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60118Garbage TruckCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60109Fire BoatCity$75.00$109.99$34.9932%
60111Fire Utility TruckCity$39.00$49.99$10.9922%
60095Deep Sea Exploration VesselCity$115.00$149.99$34.9923%
60093Deep Sea HelicopterCity$49.00$59.99$10.9918%
75117Kylo RenStar Wars$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
75118Captain PhasmaStar Wars$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
75135Obi-Wan's Jedi InterceptorStar Wars$29.00$44.99$15.9936%
75137Carbon-Freezing ChamberStar Wars$29.00$44.99$15.9936%
75140Resistance Troop TransporterStar Wars$79.00$109.99$30.9928%

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