On Sale: 20% Off Toys At Big W

Here’s an unexpected treat from Big W for anybody that missed out on the Toy Sale.

From today (July 18th) until Sunday July 24th Big W are offering 20% off all toys including LEGO.

It’s also been reported that Big W will adjust lay-buys for items that were less than 20% off during the toy sale. Of course there is no guarantee that every store will be aware of that but I have seen it posted on the Big W Facebook page.

This offer is in store only.

Update: Here is the lay-buy adjustment information that was mentioned.


3 thoughts on “On Sale: 20% Off Toys At Big W

  1. Andrew Reply

    couldnt find the Facebook post about offering 20% off toys on lay-bys during the sale, cos I would like a further discount on my GBHQ.

  2. Josh Reply

    Big W have since retracted the statement and may refuse to amend prices.

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