On Sale: 20% Off Plus Selected Sets On Sale At Myer

After a busy day I didn’t get a chance to post this earlier, but good news is worth sharing even if it is a bit late.

From September 13th until October 9th 2016 Myer are offering 20% off Friends, City and Superheroes sets.

Selected theme sales are always a little disappointing but those three themes do have some great sets out.

As well as the 20% off sale there are also a few selected sets on sale, you can view the list below.

You can view the catalogue for yourself here.

 Set #Set NameThemePriceFull RRPFull RRP DiscountDiscount %
76057Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge BattleMarvel Super Heroes$129.99$169.99$40.0924%
76055Batman: Killer Croc Sewer SmashDC Comics Super Heroes$111.00$139.99$28.9921%
76053Gotham City Cycle ChaseDC Comics Super Heroes$29.95$39.99$10.0425%
76058Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-UpMarvel Super Heroes$29.95$39.99$10.0425%
76059Spider-Man: Doc Ock's Tentacle TrapMarvel Super Heroes$69.95$89.99$20.0422%
41130Amusement Park Roller CoasterFriends$119.95$149.99$30.0420%
41128Amusement Park Space RideFriends$23.95$29.99$6.0420%
41127Amusement Park ArcadeFriends$17.95$22.99$5.0422%
41129Amusement Park Hot Dog VanFriends$34.95$44.99$10.0422%
60100Airport Starter SetCity$11.95$15.99$4.0425%
60101Airport Cargo PlaneCity$23.95$29.99$6.0420%
60102Airport VIP ServiceCity$44.95$59.99$15.0425%
60103Airport Air ShowCity$89.95$119.99$30.0425%
60104Airport Passenger TerminalCity$119.95$149.99$30.0420%
75149Resistance X-wing FighterStar Wars$109.95$139.99$30.0421%
75148Encounter on JakkuStar Wars$69.95$89.99$20.0422%
75828Ecto-1 & Ecto-2Ghostbusters$79.95$99.99$20.0420%
75151Clone Turbo TankStar Wars$149.95$189.99$40.0421%

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