On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Toys R Us

If you have a look at the latest Toys R Us catalogue you may be tricked in to thinking that it’s one for little ones, but tucked away on page 5 are some LEGO offers.

The sale runs from today (September 14) through until September 27th. You can view the catalogue for yourself here.

The discounts on offer are fairly reasonable even if the range is limited. You can check out the list of selected sets below.

As well as individual set discounts they are also offering 2 for $25 on the Nexo Knights ‘Ultimate’ sets. These are normally $15.99 so the overall discount is good if you are a fan of the theme.

TRU Nexo 2For25 Nexo Ultimate sets

 Set #Set NameThemePriceFull RRPFull RRP DiscountDiscount %
41118Heartlake SupermarketFriends$39.99$44.99$511%
41121Adventure Camp RaftingFriends$39.99$44.99$511%
41129Amusement Park Hot Dog VanFriends$39.99$44.99$511%
41130Amusement Park Roller CoasterFriends$129.99$149.99$2013%
60132Service Station [VIP]City$94.99$119.99$2521%
10818My First TruckDuplo$23.99$29.99$620%
10558Number TrainDuplo$23.99$29.99$620%
60128Police PursuitCity$23.99$29.99$620%
60107Fire Ladder TruckCity$23.99$29.99$620%
60117Van & CaravanCity$23.99$29.99$620%
70321General Magmar's Siege MachineNexo Knights$64.99$79.99$1519%
60103Airport Air ShowCity$99.99$119.99$2017%

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