Death Star And Holiday Train Now Available For VIPs

I have a feeling that reaction to this news is going to be fairly mixed. LEGO VIP customers find themselves with early access to two new sets from today – One that seems pretty popular and one that can best be described as polarising.

You will need to be logged in to your VIP account to access these offers. Here are the details (including direct links as the new store is a bit confusing).

10254 Winter Holiday Train VIP Release

$149.99, 734 Pieces

10254 Holiday Train VIP Release

75159 Death Star VIP Release

$799.99, 4016 Pieces

75159 Death Star VIP Release

2 thoughts on “Death Star And Holiday Train Now Available For VIPs

  1. Xavier Reply

    I don’t see the point in buying from lego shop without some sort of freebie so I’ll wait for my train

  2. Mike Reply

    Hi Michael, I’m thinking of grabbing the last two year’s Christmas sets which are thankfully still available on the Lego site but I’m assuming I should wait for either double points or a Christmas freebie – do you happen to know when these usually appear? Cheers

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