On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W

Don’t you hate it when there is something interesting happening and you aren’t able to tell people about it? While I’ve been preoccupied with some personal stuff the September school holidays kicked off and we all know that means toy sales!

This offer from Big W isn’t amazing but there are plenty of City and Friends sets on sale and those are two themes that are always popular.

I’ve included a list of the sets below or you can check out the catalogue here. This sale runs from September 22nd to 28th.

 Set #Set NameThemePriceFull RRPFull RRP DiscountDiscount %
60100Airport Starter SetCity$10.00$15.99$5.9937%
60102Airport VIP ServiceCity$39.00$59.99$20.9935%
60128Police PursuitCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60118Garbage TruckCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
601154 x 4 Off RoaderCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60101Airport Cargo PlaneCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60107Fire Ladder TruckCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60116Ambulance PlaneCity$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
60103Airport Air ShowCity$88.00$119.99$31.9927%
60104Airport Passenger TerminalCity$98.00$149.99$51.9935%
70591Kryptarium Prison BreakoutNinjago$29.00$34.99$5.9917%
70589Rock RoaderNinjago$49.00$69.99$20.9930%
70590Airjitzu Battle GroundsNinjago$89.00$99.99$10.9911%
41129Amusement Park Hot Dog VanFriends$29.00$44.99$15.9936%
41124Heartlake Puppy DaycareFriends$29.00$44.99$15.9936%
41094Heartlake LighthouseFriends$39.00$59.99$20.9935%
41125Horse Vet TrailerFriends$49.00$59.99$10.9918%
41126Heartlake Riding ClubFriends$72.00$89.99$17.9920%
41130Amusement Park Roller CoasterFriends$128.00$149.99$21.9915%

2 thoughts on “On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W

  1. Steven Reply

    I noticed at my BigW yesterday that 41130 Roller Coaster was ticketed at $119 instead of the advertised $128. BigW price matching Myer I guess. I’d still go with Myer as at least i get Myer One points.

  2. Adrian Reply

    Probably worth mentioning that Target too has reduced prices on some sets during the same week. Check their catalogue; I’ll be off to grab the 60110 Fire Station for my kid at $95 instead of dishing out $125 in Big W within the same week.

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