LEGO Dimensions Year Two Begins Today With A New Wave Of Sets

The highly anticipated release of LEGO Dimensions year two sets is finally here. That means that some fantastic new properties are joining the Dimensions multiverse for the first time.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what is available in the first wave of year two…
Supergirl PS4 Starter Pack – from $99
First up for PS4 users is a new Starter Pack featuring Supergirl. It’s a shame that exclusive content is being released for a single platform but if you are a PS4 user on the fence this bonus may be enough to get you in the game. The pack can be found for $99 from Big W.

Supergirl Starter Pack PS4

71242 New Ghostbusters Story Pack – from $69

The movie wasn’t particularly well received so it will be interesting to see how popular this pack is. It should be easy to find for $69 or better.


71245 Adventure Time: Finn the Human Level Pack – from $38

The Finn minifigure really sells this one. Level packs are pretty easy to track down at $38 or better.

71246 Adventure Time: Jake the Dog and Lumpy Space Princess Team Pack – from $32

While Jake and Lumpy Space Princess are great characters the star of this one is brick-built BMO. Team packs are featured in the current Big W catalogue for $32.

71247 Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort Team Pack – from $32

I’m not sure how Harry and Voldie are considered a team but this pack looks great regardless. Again you should be able to get this for around $32.

71248 Mission Impossible: Ethan Hunt Level Pack – from $38

Another level pack, and an IP that seems like a bit of a strange inclusion. The included vehicles look great. Try Big W if you want to pick this up for $38.

71251 B.A. Baracus Fun Pack – from $20

The only fun pack of the wave. B.A. Baracus may not be well known to kids, but fans of 80’s TV will be keen on this one. Fun packs are usually around $20 at the major retailers and that is the price in the latest Big W catalogue.


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