Toys R Us Bricktober 2016 Details

Every LEGO fan that shops at Toys R Us knows that October isn’t October, it’s Bricktober.

This annual LEGO promotion usually has some great bonuses for those spending big during the month of October. Previous years have featured mini builds, this year it’s all about minifigures.

There are 4 different packs to collect during October, with each being available for a week. To get each pack you will have to spend $100 or more on LEGO, so to get all 4 you are looking at $400 worth of LEGO at least.

With a sale kicking off today (I’ll cover that separately) the first week starts now rather than October 1st.

Here are the packs you can collect…

Bricktober Week 1 - 28 September to 4 October

LEGO Musicians Mini Figures 4-Pack 6160753box1_tru-bricktober-excl-mf-1

Bricktober Week 2 - 5 October to 11 October

LEGO Warriors Mini Figures 4-Pack 6160788


Bricktober Week 3 – 12 October to 18 October

LEGO Athletes Mini Figures 4-Pack 6160788


Bricktober Week 4 - 19 October to 25 October

LEGO Cops & Robbers Mini Figures 4-Pack 6160788


All packs are strictly while stocks last and not available for purchase separately. In previous years the promotional items have become available to buy at some point but there is no guarantee of that happening.

Thanks to Anthony for making sure I didn’t miss this.

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