On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Toys R Us

Toys R Us are helping out those who haven’t done their LEGO Christmas shopping yet with a catalogue full of discounted sets.

This is a selected set sale but there are over 40 sets included across a range of themes. Hopefully there will be something in there for everybody.

The sale kicked off today (October 26th) and runs until November 15th 2016.

You can check out the catalogue for yourself here, or as always view a list of included sets below.

ThumbSet #Set NameThemePriceFull RRPFull RRP DiscountDiscount %
70326The Black Knight MechNexo Knights$79.99$89.99$1011%
70323Jestro's Volcano LairNexo Knights$149.99$189.99$4021%
70325Infernox captures the QueenNexo Knights$39.99$49.99$1020%
70320Aaron Fox's Aero-Striker V2Nexo Knights$47.99$59.99$1220%
70315Clay's Rumble BladeNexo Knights$47.99$59.99$1220%
75120K-2S0Star Wars$31.99$39.99$820%
75121Imperial Death TrooperStar Wars$31.99$39.99$820%
75119Sergeant Jyn ErsoStar Wars$31.99$39.99$820%
75152Imperial Assault HovertankStar Wars$47.99$59.99$1220%
75153AT-ST WalkerStar Wars$63.99$79.99$1620%
75154TIE StrikerStar Wars$87.99$109.99$2220%
75149Resistance X-wing FighterStar Wars$111.99$139.99$2820%
10705Creative Building BasketClassic$59.99$69.99$1014%
75086Battle Droid Troop CarrierStar Wars$54.99$69.99$1521%
75096Sith InfiltratorStar Wars$149.99$159.9$9.916%
70732City of StiixNinjago$169.99$179.9$9.916%
31053Treehouse AdventuresCreator$39.99$49.99$1020%
31051Lighthouse PointCreator$64.99$79.99$1519%
42048Race KartTechnic$34.99$44.99$1022%
42049Mine LoaderTechnic$54.99$69.99$1521%
42050Drag RacerTechnic$79.99$99.99$2020%
60112Fire EngineCity$54.99$59.99$58%
10820Creative Construction BucketDuplo$54.99$59.99$58%
41109Heartlake AirportFriends$119.99$129.9$9.918%
41134Heartlake Performance SchoolFriends$119.99$129.99$108%
41124Heartlake Puppy DaycareFriends$31.99$44.99$1329%
41125Horse Vet TrailerFriends$47.99$59.99$1220%
41126Heartlake Riding ClubFriends$71.99$89.99$1820%
41130Amusement Park Roller CoasterFriends$119.99$149.99$3020%
60103Airport Air ShowCity$99.99$119.99$2017%
60132Service StationCity$99.99$119.99$2017%
60096Deep Sea Operations BaseCity$119.99$129.99$108%
76067Tanker Truck TakedownMarvel Super Heroes$49.99$59.99$1017%
76054Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of FearDC Comics Super Heroes$103.99$129.99$2620%
76055Batman: Killer Croc Sewer SmashDC Comics Super Heroes$111.99$139.99$2820%
10558Number TrainDuplo$23.99$29.99$620%
10812Truck & Tracked ExcavatorDuplo$23.99$29.99$620%
10810Push TrainDuplo$31.99$39.99$820%
41065Rapunzel's Best Day EverDisney Princess$27.99$34.99$720%
41067Belle's Enchanted CastleDisney Princess$59.99$79.99$2025%

3 thoughts on “On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Toys R Us

  1. Peter Reply

    Last tim I bought 4 sets from toys are us every box was delivered completely ripped and crushed. Packed in cheap plastic bag with literally zero bubble wrap

    But don’t worry 2 weeks after sending them a message with pictures etc. they said don’t worry will will refund you 20 dollars Sigh

    • Duke Reply

      Thank you for the information. If they provide a service and cannot do their job properly, they deserve very well not to have any business at all.

  2. john Reply

    My local Brisbane Mt Gravatt store was able to go out of their way to get in different $300 sets me and a friend required, i think his name was Josh good bloke

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