Nuremberg Toy Fair – What We Learnt About 2HY 2017

The Nuremberg Toy Fair – known as Spielwarenmesse – recently took place. The event was the first official look at sets being released in the second half of 2017. While I couldn’t attend in person, the good people at Promo Bricks have allowed other LEGO sites to share their pictures from the event. Click on any image for a larger version. All images via


Nuremberg 2017 (1)

The Creator lineup for the second half of the year looks great. I’m a big fan of space sets so I can’t wait to see more of 31066 Space Shuttle. 31070 Turbo Track Racer looks great too.

Nuremberg 2017 (9)

There is also a nice lineup of Creator Houses; the small 31067 Poolside Holiday, medium sized 31068 Modern Home and the largest 31069 Family Villa.


The City sets for the second half of 2017 will feature two sub-themes, as well as some generic City themed sets.

Nuremberg 2017 (14)LEGO are following up the success of Fun At The Park with Fun At The Beach. Hopefully these minifigure heavy sets continue, as I’m a big fan. There is also a new Bus Station set with plenty of minifigures.

Nuremberg 2017 (11)The first sub-theme for 2HY 2017 City sets is Coast Guard. It’s a sub-theme that has been done before but overall the sets look quite good. As you’d expect there are boats and helicopters.

Nuremberg 2017 (17)The second sub-theme is something a bit different – Jungle. The sets feature a range of vehicles, and the largest set also includes a crashed plane. Being LEGO I’m assuming everybody survived the plane crash and are just waiting around for rescue. The LEGO City sub-themes that take place away from the City are always interesting.


A few Technic sets were on display, picture below is 42070 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck and 42069 Extreme Adventure. There is also 42068 Fire Rescue Vehicle, but I was unable to find a clear picture of that.

Nuremberg 2017 (4)

Nuremberg 2017 (16)Juniors

While there were no actual pictures of the sets, LEGO did reveal that there would be a series of Cars 3 Juniors sets. The lineup appears to include 8 different sets.

Nuremberg 2017 (3)


Other News

There was plenty that was shown as either blank boxes or just not shown at all. There are no pictures of The Last Jedi sets (unsurprisingly) and a lot of the Marvel/DC sets are yet to be unveiled. We do have a picture of the Guardians of The Galaxy vol 2 sets.

Nuremberg 2017 (15)

It has also been revealed that the Friends sets for the second half of the year will be snow themed.

Nuremberg 2017 (12)







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  1. anthony Christian Reply

    Another expensive year.

    Personally a lot to like in the creator range from houses to dinosaurs.

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