On Sale: 20% Off At Myer (Plus bonus eBay offer)

Just when I thought a small selected sets sale was the best we were going to get this week Myer have surprised us with a 20% off sale.

I can’t seem to find any details about the end date of the sale, or whether this is in-store or online only, but as soon as I know more I’ll provide an update. In the meantime there are plenty of sets on sale. Unfortunately the LEGO Batman Movie sets do seem to be excluded from the offer.

To check out their online range you can head to this link.

Bonus eBay offer

As usual the Myer eBay page is also offering the same 20% off sale. Luckily eBay also shared a voucher for valentines day – use the code LOVE20 to get $20 off your order. It’s a nice little bonus off your order. I tested this code myself and it appeared to work but note that there is a $100 minimum spend on that voucher. You can read the T&Cs here.

View the Myer eBay range here.

Thanks to Chris and Steve for letting me know about this sale.

4 thoughts on “On Sale: 20% Off At Myer (Plus bonus eBay offer)

  1. Tom Reply

    Don’t bother ordering the Technic Porsche if you can get it in your cart. I’ve now had 2 orders cancelled by Myer due to lack of stock.

    • Steve Reply

      Hi Tom, Do you mean the Technic Volvo ? I cant see the Porsche ! If you are in Melbourne, I have both ?

  2. Strange Reply

    Went to the store today and the 20% is still on. All Lego exclude the Batman Movie and discounted Lego.

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